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Daft Punk Rumored To Have Played A Live Set In Ibiza Tonight

According to Ash Pournouri, Avicii's manager, Daft Punk played a set in Ibiza tonight. The supposed Daft Punk set took place at an event called "ANTS," which was held at the legendary Ushuaia. The other acts on the bill were Kölsch, Pleasurekraft, Simon Baker, and Tube & Baker. Take a look at Pournouri's Instagram photo below.

Damian Pinto, the voice of Ultra Music Festival, posted a photo as well.


We cannot confirm whether Daft Punk truly played at Ushuaia yet, but Pournouri and Pinto are two highly regarded individuals within the industry. I don't believe they would risk damaging their integrity by uploading photos from a fake Daft Punk set. 

If our favorite robots did play in Ibiza, then this is a massive weekend for the duo. They've been quiet for the past few months, and they surprised the world by releasing their Humans After All (Remixes) album late last night. 

In any case, we should know relatively soon whether this was a Daft Punk set. Ushuaia records a lot of their sets, and we really hope they recorded this rumored Daft Punk performance. Let's all keep our fingers crossed that this is the first of many performances for Daft Punk. 

Cover photo credit: Matthias Clamer

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