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The Best of 'DJs Complaining'

Incase you’ve missed it, “DJ’s Complaining” is a Twitter account that specialises in collecting the complaints of international DJs. Now with just over 75k followers, the passive-agressive venting of a number of internationally renowned jet-setting DJs is compiled into the one, hilariously awesome Twitter page that reminds us of the fact that the DJ-life isn’t all free champagne, penthouse suites and pretty girls.

We have compiled a list of our favorite retweets from the "DJs Complaining" Twitter page, plus a couple of extras.

Private Jets

For us ‘common’ people, these tweets undoubtedly take the cake for most laughable DJ complaints. Seeming somewhat similar to Veruca Salt’s "Daddy I want another Pony" line in Willy Wonka, these artists took to Twitter to raise their private-jet concerns.




Commercial Airplanes

Airports are not a fun place for DJs and flying loses its novelty very quickly when more time is spent on planes than on land. From crying babies, to airplane food to a lack of wifi, there are plenty of things to complain about while flying and our DJs don’t hold back when it comes to voicing their “shitty flying canoe” issues to loyal empathetic Twitter followers.

Dillon Francis


Project 46



Even globe-trotting DJs have something to complain about while travelling on the road. What could possibly be worse than forgetting what continent you’re on? Touring looks glamourous, but these DJs are here to remind us that it’s a lot harder than Instagram makes it out to be.


John Dahlback

Kidnap Kid


An issue that is obviously rife in both Africa and the global DJ community, made famous by Deorro’s Tomorrowland food stamp debacle. In between all the sleeping, raving and repeating, international dance music acts need to be fed, and they want it fast, but not too fast.

Carl Craig

Felix Cartel


Michael Woods


You must admit, even if we didn’t vocalise it on Twitter, most of us can probably relate to at least one of these problems to a certain extent. There is no way anyone digs getting that first smudge of dancefloor-grime on their gleaming-white shoes or giving themselves an involuntary arm wax after heading to a show.

DJ Snake

Dillon Francis




Written by Lauren Mikkor


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