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Listen Up, Ghost Producers: DCC Studios Is Hiring

Over the last few years, ghost producing has been a hot button issue in the dance music community, eliciting mixed reactions from fans and artists around the world. Nonetheless, ghost producing seems to be becoming increasingly commonplace. Earlier this year, Nicky Romero told Fuse News that he occasionally works as a ghost producer, adding that he’s “working on four songs for David Guetta’s new album." Last year, Hardwell told Inthemix that he’s “fine with ghost-producing,” explaining that “nobody knows I have a current Beatport Top Ten hit with a track not under my name, a track that I ghost-produced.”

Now, DCC Studios is looking to hire ghost producers to put together tracks for artists, opening up the previously secretive process to the public. The site asks: “Always wanted to have a career as an EDM producer (but not necessarily as a DJ) and do what you really love – making music; or have you always dreamed to make that world hit for a famous artist?” They explain that they “are looking for additional ghost producer to keep up with all the ghost production, mixing and mastering projects.”

The site goes on to say that ghost producers will receive “70% of the project revenue! This ranges from €400 to €1000 per project,” as well as a host of other benefits. If you’re keen to apply, or just want to take a look, you can check out their website here. Let us know what you think about the service in the comments below!

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