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EDM.com Spotlight

Deadmau5 and Calvin Harris to Perform at iTunes Festival

Featuring 30 nights of exhilarating performances, Apple’s iTunes Music Festival embarks on its eighth annual tour tonight at the voguish Roundhouse venue in London. World-class artists are paired with emerging talent each night of the month of September, devoting different nights to particular styles of music. EDM headliners of the renowned festival include Deadmau5, Calvin Harris and David Guetta, all of which can be streamed live for free on iTunes or Apple TV.

Deadmau5 kicks off the festival tonight, alongside hot up-and-coming Kate Simko & London Electronic Orchestra. Fusing his bold synth techniques, floor-thrilling EDM anthems and brilliant full-length release while(1/2), Deadmau5 is guaranteed to perform a striking set on opening night. David Guetta is also gearing up to perform his international house and pop soundscape on September 3, and  the record-setting dj Calvin Harris will be showcasing his massive club hits on September 7 as well. Users are able to stream sets live, as well as watch them at their own leisure afterwards.

Apple’s iTunes Festival is hoping to be a catalyst for sales of tracks and albums, operating without selling tickets for the event and allowing anyone to watch online for free. Instead, tickets for the festival are given through competitions run by local media partners like Global Radio and the London Evening Standard. Though the London-based event remains overseas, a shorter version of iTunes Festival was brought to the states earlier this year for the first time at South by Southwest. 

For those who use Apple TV, this year's festival will have its own channel. The performances will also be viewable by the iTunes Festival App or live stream at www.itunesfestival.com.

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