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Crizzly Gets Punched In The Face By Oscar Wylde Of CAKED UP (Video)

Watch Oscar Wylde Go After Crizzly For Messing With His Mixer

Saturday night, while performing at the traveling foam-party festival Foam Wonderland, headliners CAKED UP got into quite the debacle with fellow bass producer Crizzly. Crizzly, a member of management company Warpath Group along with CAKED UP, showed up as a guest to the event at his hometown of Austin, Texas. What first started out as innocent fun quickly turned into hostility for both Crizzly and CAKED UP-member Oscar Wylde.

A video obtained from a source shows that Oscar Wylde and Crizzly got into an argument mid-set. When the video begins, you can see Crizzly reach for the mixer and then both parties running out of view of the camera, however once Oscar returns back into camera, he blaringly yells over the microphone, "Crizzly just got punched in the face!" The source told us that both parties appeared intoxicated, although no other news has been reported on the matter.

We're not entirely sure what caused the feud between these two up-and-comers, but Crizzly's actions clearly angered Oscar as he later followed up with the tweet below, undoubedly directed towards the actions of Crizzly. Hopefully these two can settle their differences, or else Warpath Group may have an awkward situation on their hands.


Crizzly has just tweeted about the incident as well, claiming that he was sober at the show and that he truly is upset about the events that transpired.

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