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Watch Skrillex & Friends Visit Noisia's Hometown In First Episode Of 'SUP BUDS'

One of the most important qualities of being successful is possessing passion for what you do, and Skrillex and his OWSLA crew are great examples of that. The entertaining video content released by Nest HQ this year has shown how much fun OWSLA has on the road, and they've kept it going with the premiere of their new series, SUP BUDS, today.

The video description for the first episode of SUP BUDS says: "Nest HQ & Glenjamn present SUP BUDS! In episode 1, we visit our Dutch buds, Noisia, on their home turf in the Netherlands -- with Nik, Martijn, and Thijs showing Sonny and the rest of the squad around their hometown of Groningen."

SUP BUDS is a full season of video footage, and each episode will focus on a specific artist that toured with Skrillex over the past six months. Glenjamn filmed the footage, and Adam Hamer edited it. Glenjamn and Hamer have also worked on Skrillex's Takeover recap videos and other Nest HQ video content. 

Check out the first episode of SUP BUDS below.

In addition to SUP BUDS, Glenjamn has filmed some other awesome Skrillex-related footage this year. Check out his amazing video of Skrillex and Diplo playing HARD Summer as Jack U. 

Also, here's a recap of Skrillex's takeover of Barcelona so that you can get a better feel of what videos from Glenjamn and Hamer are like.

After watching all of those videos, we can't wait to watch the next episode of SUP BUDS.

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