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EDM.com Spotlight

5 Things We Loved About Imagine Music Festival

Imagine Music Festival took over the Masquerade Music Park this past Labor Day weekend. With an estimated 15,000 attendees, IMF created an incredible vibe and amazing experience that is not always guaranteed with a first year event.

Here are 5 things we absolutely loved about Imagine Music Festival:

1. The Venue

The newly constructed Historic Fourth Ward Park offered the perfect venue for the first-year electronic dance music festival. Nestled in the heart of Downtown Atlanta, the venue offered an intimate setting in a big city atmosphere. With three stages within close proximity to one another, there was no time wasted bouncing from stage to stage to catch your favorite artists.

2. The Lineup

Diverse with local talent, internationally known names, and crowd favorites, the meticulously planned lineup catered to any and all musical tastes without many heart-breaking conflicts. For those interested in throwing down with up-and-coming Atlanta locals, MK Ultra, Ployd, and ATLiens had you covered. If you were looking to get filthy on the dance floor instead, Wick-it the Instigator, Adventure Club, Fedde LeGrand, and Rusko had just what the doctor ordered. Even the people looking to get downright "weird" had their prayers answered as Shpongle proved that he can go deep while The Emancipator Ensemble took everyone at the Amazonia stage on a blissful journey.

3. The After Parties

Literally connected to the venue, The Masquerade was like an entire festival in itself. From 11:00 PM until 4:00 AM each night, many of the artists on the Imagine Festival lineup threw down second sets. And when they weren’t performing, you could catch them out on the dance floor mingling with the crowd. The dudes of Destroid were in the house checking out many of the locals and Michal Menert was front and center vibing out on the dance floor.

4. The Iris Girls

At any given time in any given location, the beautiful and friendly Iris Girls could be spotted pumping up the crowd and interacting with guests completely decked out in incredible costumes. They made sure that there was not a single person on the grounds that was not dancing at all times. Any time you needed a pick-me-up, you could count on the Iris Girls to provide an encouraging smile.

5. The Amenities

The team at Iris Presents made sure that whenever you needed a break you had exactly what you needed. A partnership with Uber provided free rides home for first time users, two water refill stations ensured that guests remained hydrated, and the Geo-Mist Village offered a relaxing place to sit back and cool off in the midst of the mid-summer Georgia heat. DanceSafe was also in the house ensuring that everyone was safe while dancing the night away.

Written by Perry Finley

Provided by thatDROP.com

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