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Sydney's Future Bass Scene Is Booming

Hayden James has produced an assortment of tropical house and downtempo, but his true talent lies in the profoundness of his future bass releases, most notably heard in his remix of Rufus' "Sundream." The young producer blends a captivating recipe of sub-kicking percussion and dreamy chords in this trap-influenced remix, and his other releases such as his remix of Dillon Francis' "Without You [feat. TEED]" and original "Beginnings" demonstrates the true diversity and potential of his sound.

With so much burgeoning talent in Sydney and around the world, it's clear that the future bass scene is only going to continue growing its audience, building its sound, and breaking the boundaries of other EDM genres. Cheifs, L D R U, and Hayden James are proving to be the next artists-to-know in this burgeoning movement, and we've got our eyes on them as 2015 slowly creeps around in the coming months.

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Chiefs, L D R U, and Hayden James are the latest contenders for the faces of "future bass"

With the innumerable amount of genres already present within EDM, it’s incredibly inspiring to watch as new genres continue to build and push their way into the limelight of dance music. The timeline of EDM begun with its classic house roots, and since then has grown into a tree of polyrhythmic and syncopated beats, branching off into genres and movements all over the world. Today, you can find EDM on every inhabitable continent on Earth, and each region is developing its own niche in the massive dj and producer-centric scene.

Although Australia isn’t as deeply rooted as some other countries that are driving EDM culture, they are undoubtedly one of the fastest growing EDM movements on the planet. Cities such as Sydney, Melbourne, and Perth are all cultivating their own genres in the industry, whether they be Melbourne Bounce, tropical house, or glitch-hop, and they are quickly spreading across the waters and anchoring into the cultural sounds of its fellow “EDM-pires.”

One genre that has gained particular direction in Sydney is the “future bass” movement, and although it is still unclear what the genre consists of element-wise, there is a surefire sound to it that the world is quickly latching onto.

What So Not and Wave Racer are the most notable Sydney-based acts pushing this unique blend of trap sounds and “Outback” atmospheres, but body of the city's movement is undoubtedly being supported by the likes of Chiefs, L D R U, Hayden James, and many more. Successfully bridging the gap between the country’s unique culture and the rest of the world’s catchiest influences, these artists are pushing the boundaries of experimentally-driven sounds and are creating an unparalleled resonance in EDM.

Chiefs originally started as a hip-hop producer, but it wasn’t long before his sound found its way beyond the constraints of verses and 808’s, and directly into the future bass scene. From his first EP Reign Dance to his latest release “Vegeta,” the Aussie’s sound effortlessly balances light and heavy textures with trap, chillwave, and future melodies, and each beat tells its own story from start to finish. Chiefs is truly still in the first chapter of his career, but with a full book ahead of him, there's little telling where else this character is headed.

L D R U, another Sydney-based producer, has taken his sound in a slightly different direction than his fellow beatmakers. Incorporating a variety of jungle and tropical elements into his productions, L D R U's music showcases a trap-meets-indie sound with a hefty dose of "down under" vibes, and his creativity in his productions is only met by his equally-as-diverse name. His remix of Brood's "Bridges" was a huge success earlier this year, and as he begins his latest project Carmada with Yahtzel, we can only expect even more future bass productions from this on-the-rise act in the coming months.