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EDM.com Spotlight

Wolfgang Gartner's Social Media Profiles Go Black

Illustrious producer/DJ Wolfgang Gartner swiftly blackened his social media accounts on Friday night. He posted the message "I'm Out", deleted all his previous tweets, and stuck a picture of his black silhouette as his new profile picture on all his profiles. 

This sudden and unexpected departure from social media could mean several things for the American musician. He has gone on record before to lambast the recent trends in electronic music, even to call the new wave of dance music an "EDM apocalypse." Given his stance on the current state of dance music, it would make sense if the producer was taking a hiatus from producing or DJing. He could also simply be taking a break from social media, a platform which has presented Gartner problems in the past. In one notable example, he argued with Martin Solveig on Twitter in 2013.

On the other hand, this social media break could represent a marketing tactic to get people talking, perhaps in an effort to stir up interest for an upcoming release. He only released one track thus far in 2014 ("We Are The Computers" with Popeska), and he only lists two upcoming tour dates on his tour. Gartner could be using this extra free time to work on a new album or other full-fledged release. This social media darkening could very well conjure up intrigue for any potential upcoming releases from the producer.

We will keep a close eye on Gartner's social media accounts in the coming days. We're hoping this doesn't signal an end to the producer's impressive career. For now, relive Gartner's classic track "lllmerica" below.

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