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5 Dirtiest Dubstep Drops Of The Week: Vol. 25

We go absolutely gangbusters on this week's legendary lineup of drops.

Part of me still can't believe that this segment has already recorded 25 volumes, and the other part of me could not be more thankful. Without all you loyal listeners, I would not enjoy monitoring weekly dirty drop developments nearly as much as I do, so I truly cannot thank you enough for that. On another note, Vol. 25 of our series revolves around a ton of great musicians. From Datsik to Au5, Ray Volpe to TrollPhace, if it is grimy, it has surely found a comfortable home here. I can't wait to bring you guys another 25 editions, but in the meantime, lets remain focused on the task at hand.

5. Grim - Decisions

We still know very little about Grim at this point, but what we do know is that he boasts one of the meanest sounds in the entire solar system. With the rapid growth that "riddim" dubstep has experienced recently, it is a bit of a surprise that songs like “Decisions” have not showed up on this segment with more regularity. However, instead of concentrating on the past, we prefer to turn our focus towards the future of heavy bass music. It is almost as if dubstep producers rode the wave of popularity all the way to the brink, and because of that, the genre itself has now returned to where it initially began. Deep pulsations, no-nonsense synth work, and bass lines that could bury an entire nation are just some of the more recognizable characteristics of this thriving subgenre. Grim’s clearly got a game plan, and it involves him destroying your aural cavities one dirty drop at a time.

4. Datsik - Wickedest Wobble (Ft. Bryx)

The daddy of dirty, the führer of filth, the nurturer of nasty, those are just a grab bag of the titles that grand master Datsik has earned for himself over the years. Known among the dance music crowd as one of dubstep’s most celebrated names, whenever Troy Beetles unveils some new material, every pair of available ears adds a new assignment to the top of their to-do list. A fair portion of you might have heard this producer’s unconventional remix of Lana Del Rey’s “Ultraviolence,” but it is actually another recent release of his that has us acting all types of loony. Making the usual rounds, “Wickedest Wobble” has garnered a significant amount of attention from both musicians and fans alike. Applying a more simplistic approach than he has in the past, this dual-dropping animal of a tune has to be one of Datsik’s most creative compositions to date. Even a seasoned cowboy would struggle to lasso these runaway drops.

3. Ray Volpe - Lion (Ft. Clinton Sly)

Ray Volpe might be a youngin’ in the dubstep game, but you wouldn’t be able to tell by the enormity of his primetime productions. Honestly, if there is a tune that this kid has released in the last year that we did not unanimously love, we have not heard it. As of late, Mr. Volpe has been working harder than ever to establish himself as a serious threat in the EDM industry - and if his brand new Lion EP is any indicator, he has succeeded beyond both his and our wildest dreams. Now, while the ferocious title track might have taken the cake for our #3 slot, “Honor” & “Fortune” also put no shortage of strain on our bass-spewing sound system. So basically, it goes without saying that it is in your best interest to enjoy this spectacular EP in its entirety. Nevertheless, “Lion” is exactly the kind of dubstep mauler that you only hear about in fairy tales. These savage drops will undoubtedly have you beating your chest and exclaiming that you’re, “king of the jungle.”

2. Au5 - Snowblind (Ft. Tasha Baxter)

How in the world could a melodic dubstep tune rank #2 on our countdown? It just doesn’t make any sense, right? Then again, if Au5 is your idea of “melodic” dubstep, then you really need to seriously reconsider the method you use for labeling dubstep subgenres. Sure, maybe his chord progressions and synth work adopt hints of melodic dubstep, but his incredibly unique style of bass music is nearly impossible to describe at times. Au5’s remarkable productions tower over skyscrapers, dwarf bulky bodybuilders, & make our whole universe seem like it is the size of a pinhead. So “dirty” is not our word of choice when it comes to anything Au5. The term “next level” more accurately sums up the vast majority of this producer’s releases. Speaking of which, “Snowblind” is designed around a pair of unprecedented drops that pack in an immense amount of passion. When your vision inevitably goes blank, use your ears to help guide yourself through this dubstep whiteout.

1. Getter & Trampa - Bonesaw (TrollPhace Remix)

Hear that ominous siren sounding in the distance? Because it can only mean one thing: there is an oncoming TrollPhace invasion and the human race’s chance of survival is slim to none. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but for those of you that have planned on living a long and illustrious life, each utterance of bass in this vicious “Bonesaw” remix eliminates at least one week off of your life expectancy. Keeping that in mind, please think very carefully about what you are doing before you aggressively plunge into this dubstep pit of death. Defined by his relentless attitude and unquenchable thirst for pure destruction, TrollPhace has quickly elevated himself into the ranks of some of the hardest names that dubstep has to offer. Even the likes of JPhelpz, FuntCase, & Excision would begin trembling uncontrollably when listening to the drops in his latest remix. You would think that TrollPhace was a garbage man with all the litter he sifts through on the daily.

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