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EDM.com Spotlight

Announcing TTalks: A Live EDM Talk Show With Special Guest Tommie Sunshine

#TTalks, an EDM Talkshow With Special Guest Tommie Sunshine

EDM.com is proud to present #TTalks, a talkshow series hosted by Robby Engle, Chief Content Officer of EDM.com with special guests including Tommie Sunshine.  #TTalks will be a reccuring live talkshow format hosted on Google Hangout, with episodes edited and uploaded to YouTube in the days following the show.  Robby will discuss the hottest and most controversial topics in EDM with Tommie Sunshine and other special guests to be announced.  The show will allow for fans to ask questions about news and stories, and feature additional relevant news. Look out for the live link to be posted on the day of the show by EDM.com and their special guests for the week.  

To build hype for the first episode, Tommie Sunshine and Wuki have premiered a new remix on EDM.com's Electro page!  Check it out at the bottom of this page.  More collaborations from Tommie and Wuki will be released in the near future!

Robby Engle is the Chief Content Officer for EDM.com, a product of the new age of dance music and a background in communication and sports before finding a passion for dance music while at college at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio.  The goal of #TTalks, produced by The EDM Network & Matthew Medney, is to combine the knowledge of both a veteran of the scene and someone with new school experience in it.  Together, they will discuss things that cannot be heard elsewhere in the dance music community!  Stay tuned for more information!

Tommie Sunshine is an outspoken veteran of the dance music scene.  A former raver himself, Tommie began DJing in the early 1990's and has first hand experience and insider knowledge of the way the dance music scene has developed and grown over the years.  Currently, Tommie is touring, producing and heading his record label Brooklyn Fire.

Tommie Sunshine has released a new remix with Wuki on EDM.com to promote the show!  Check out the remix below, and purchase it here on iTunes!

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