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Zedd's Hearing Is Back & He Wants To Collaborate With Muse

Zedd was interviewed by Billboard yesterday, and the producer revealed a lot of important information about his career. One subject he addressed was his hearing. Just last month, Zedd's fans were worried about the star producer suffering from sudden hearing loss.

In a profession that depends so heavily on possessing great hearing, it's great to hear that Zedd has fully recovered. 

Zedd also revealed who he wants to collaborate with on his upcoming album. He told Billboard: "I talked to Hayley Williams about doing another song together and we definitely want to, it’s just a matter of finding the right one. Aside from that, I’d love to work with Muse and Silverchair, because I grew up in bands and they really inspired me. But nothing is confirmed, that’s just my wish list."

Additionally, Zedd provided an update on the status of his next album: "It’s hard to find time to sit down and focus on it. I’ve written most of the songs but the production process is long for me – making them sound the way I want them to sound, finding the right vocalists, and so on. I might put out a single or two in the next six months or so, but I need to get off the road for a little while. The plan for the second half of this year was to play less shows and do more studio work. I do a lot of Vegas shows and I literally stay in the studio until 9 p.m., hop on a plane and fly over to get on stage by midnight. That way I can still get a full studio day in. Anyway, I'm hoping that by early next year, it will be wrapped. But we'll see."

After Zedd's successful debut full-length album, we can't wait to hear what his upcoming album sounds like.

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