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OWSLA Celebrates 3 Years At Club Lure In Hollywood

OWSLA celebrated its 3 year anniversary this past weekend, and it might take the cake for the best party of the summer.

Skrillex and his team held the celebration at Club Lure in Hollywood on Sunday, as California's golden sun shined throughout the event from beginning to end. With performances from Blood Diamonds, Mija, AC Slater, Vindata, Ape Drums, and of course the label head himself, the crowd was hungrier than ever for the bass-driven sounds of the notorious collective.

The event began with a set by OWSLA's golden girl Mija, who catered to the crowd with a groovy house vibe that instantly built a sense of excitement for the rest of the night. She set the stage for the rest of the artists by closing out her set with an upcoming OWSLA collaboration with fellow label newcomer Ghastly titled "Crank It."

Ape Drums followed Mija's set with a jungle/bounce set from the future, featuring tons of recent releases with the label as well as plenty of signature dancehall rhythms that got the crowd bouncing.

It's astonishingly clear how this label is not just created and embodied by good people, but that it also draws in fans that are so down to Earth too. It was hard to find a single frown in the crowd, and even harder to not make new friends, as everyone was truly basking in a mutual love of life and music.

The crowd was shocked and pleased to find that AC Slater was one of the surprise DJ guests, and his set morphed around a four on the floor vibe of bass house that jolted the crowd into a frenzy of excitement. Amongst many newbies and oldies, he played some of his classic tracks such at his remix of Migos' "Dope In My Sock."

Although summer heat was a bit intense at times, the atmosphere was perfect for the occasion as rooftop water gun snipers and misting fans hosed down the sweating or heated patrons.

As the sun began to set, Skrillex took to the decks and blew the crowd into utter dance chaos. There were cheers from the crowd from beginning to end, and his heavy hitting set of unreleased music and classics such as "Rock N' Roll (Will Take You To The Mountain)" truly molded the crowd together into one beautiful yet rowdy event.

In 3 years, OWSLA has truly established itself as not only one of the most influential labels in the music industry, but also as one of the most fun and inviting. Their contribution to the world of music is integral as they continue to expose fresh new styles and talent from every corner of the globe. We truly look forward to the next 3 years of label and the decades that will follow. Happy Birthday OWSLA!

Written by David Lee Crow

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