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Yolanda Be Cool's Guide To Being Cool In Ibiza

In celebration of Yolanda Be Cool's new track, "MAMA YO!," they have put together an Ibiza guide for dance music fans. Hit play on "MAMA YO!" below and scroll down to find out how you should plan for your next Ibiza trip.

Written by Yolanda Be Cool

Packing For Ibiza


A big schoolboy error is forgetting sun cream lotion. The Aussie sun is probably the harshest in the world, but the Ibiza sun is up from around 9 in the morning 'til 9 at night. So if you forget to apply cream, you are in for a bit of a beetroot session, and looking like a beetroot is definitely one way of guaranteeing you will not blend in with the locals. 

Versatile clothing

Apart from sun cream, a cool but versatile outfit is key because quite often you go from beach party, to club, to beach party...So you want to have versatility. You never know where you may end up. Or pack swimmers [editor's note: Aussie slang for bathing suit] in your bag. That way, you are prepared for the villa party you just may end up at.

Also, expect things to happen a little slower in Ibiza. There is normal time and then there is Ibiza time, so just chill and enjoy it! The island is only open for five months a year, and the locals still take Sunday off and have a siesta every day. Just enjoy and embrace this vibe, and don't get frustrated. It's way better that way. This is not NYC for a reason

Plenty of money…or a good connection

Don’t forget to bring your wallet, because drinks at the clubs are really expensive. Or just hang with DJs and drink their rider.

Clubbing In Ibiza

Favorite club

Our favorite club would have to be DC10 on a Monday. It's rocking from around 3 in the afternoon with amazing music on the outside terrace and the inside. There is no VIP, no bottle service - just rocking beats and the best vibe on the island. Having said that, Boom was really fun this year where we got to see our buddy Oliver $ rock it.

Biggest spectacle

As far as spectacle goes, Pacha has to be up there, due to the huge amount of performers and importance they place on that aspect with something going on wherever you look. Definitely no shortage of hotties in there, either. 

Other clubs worth visiting

Both Music On, Marco Carola's night at Amnesia, or Cocoon, Sven Vath's night at Amnesia are worth checking just to see huge scale clubbing, with the main room holding around 5,000 people, and the Terrace holding another odd 5,000. It’s pretty crazy to see! 

Another club that plays amazing music and is a little off the grid is Underground. Some of the big DJs play unannounced shows there just because they love it, and this can be really special.

Music to expect

The island offers music to everyone's taste. Our friends do a party called Wax Da Jam - which is Nightmares on Wax and friends playing amazing funk and soul into boogie and some house - but then there are nights like Circo Loco and Paradise (Jamie Jones party). Then of course there is Balearic sunset music around Cafe Del Mar. The type of music you hear is up to you, but house music is the key really. 

What to expect in the club

Depends on the club. Pacha is very glamorous. DC10 is pretty dirty. And there is everything in between. You should be able to find whatever tickles your fancy 

On The Island 

Places to avoid

We tend to avoid San Antonio just because it feels a lot tackier than the old town. It feels less "authentically Spain" than other parts. Having said that, the sunsets at Cafe Del Mar are amazing and well worth a visit. Every night, the headliners from Pacha play there for free. We got to play there with Steve Aoki, and it was so much fun. All the dancers from Pacha come and do shots with you and cheer while you play to what ends up being a few hundred people gathered round the place getting down.

We also avoid the food chains. Why eat food you can eat just anywhere when amazing local Spanish tapas surround you in abundance? Nothing like some sardines, aioli, and local Rose to get the night started.

Best meal

For sushi, the restaurant in Pacha is pretty amazing, but there are so many good options. There is a little tapas place in the old town we always have a meal at (the name escapes me), and there is an amazing parrillada (again, the name escapes me), which is basically a local BBQ place on the way to DC10 that’s always amazing. In general, we just suggest you go local.

Best beach

Cala Comte is beautiful. Benirras is great for just a chill near the hotel, while we love Talamanca for a swim and an afternoon beer. But it's worth just renting a car even for the day and exploring. There are a lot of things to be found just off the beaten track. 


“Munyana” - another way of saying…later…with no real meaning as to the time.

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