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Splice, A Music Collaboration Platform, Raises $4.5M From Tiesto, Steve Angello, WME & More

Splice brings the EDM industry up to speed with technology

Music cloud and collaboration platform Splice, now open in public beta, has raised $4.5 million in Series A funding thanks to Tiësto, Steve Angello, manager Scooter Braun, and booking agencies WME and AM Only.

The new startup, established by co-founders Steve Martocci of GroupMe and Matt Aimonetti of LivingSocial, serves as a music creation and sharing forum. Existing investors include Richie Hawtin’s Plus Eight Equity Fund LP, Michael George, and Union Square Ventures, bringing Splice up to $7.25 million in funds. 

Seamlessly integrating with music production software like Ableton, FL Studio, and Logic Pro, the web-based program allows artists to save and share work-in-progress collaboratively with others or privately. Studio projects are synched with the cloud using auto-backup to a song, tracking changes, and posting updates on a detailed timeline. 

After nearly a year in private beta, Splice premiered its DNA Player with “Scream” by Henry Fong and J-Trick. The 35-channel track is a simplistic example of Splice’s software, designed to display the track’s composition and SoundCloud-style annotation. The new feature will let artists “showcase the story behind their music.”

Artists can showcase their music to the world by making their tracks publicly available. Splice users and fans can take advantage of the platform’s features by leaving comments, downloading an MP3 file through Splice’s music player, and the ability to “visualize the song not just based on its wave form but on the underlying tracks.” 

For producers who are constantly on the road, there is a disconnection in the way musicians communicate. However, Splice may be a game changer for the music industry. To start, the program allows for better focus and less room for error. According to Tech Crunch, using Splice fundamentally saves time: “To share a project with collaborators, there’s no need to send seas of Dropbox files, MegaUpload-style links, or physical hard drives anywhere.” Furthermore, Splice eliminates the need for email or chat conversations.

Dubbed as the GitHub for musicians, Splice may be the new method of communicating throughout every step of the creative process. Splice allows users to establish a network of producers that may zero in on a specific point in a composition to provide technical feedback and suggestions in timed-style comments. Splice co-founder Martocci believes “Once these barriers to collaboration come down, I think it’s going to be a new world in music.”

Splice additionally offers simplistic steps using the desktop app and valuable tips with production software. Producers may explore creative techniques with Ableton using Splice, such as Expression Control to add movement and expression to tracks, enhance harmonic content, create chord rhythmic patterns with Vocoder, and experiment using a drum rack and chorus effects. 

For now, project storage is free and unlimited. Other features include a complete list of plugins or instruments used in a project. Splice plans to have more creation tools by the end of the year. In the dance music community, the collaboration process is essential. The value of establishing relationships and creating a specific goal is indispensible between not only between producers, but fans as well. Splice has the potential to greatly improve the industry.

If you're interested in checking out the public beta of Splice, click here.

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