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9 Facts You Should Know About Tomorrowland

Tomorrowland is one of the most iconic music festivals in the world. The festival happened at the end of July, but it's still fresh in music fans' minds due to MTV's Tomorrowland documentary and the recently released aftermovie. Despite its popularity, there are still many facts that dance music fans don't know about the event. To help provide some background on the festival, we've compiled a list of ten facts about Tomorrowland you might not know. Check them out below! 

1) This year's bracelets let you add Facebook friends

This year, Tomorrowland's bracelets allowed you to connect with new friends on Facebook. You just had to press a button on your bracelet in the vicinity of your new friend's bracelet, and a Facebook friend request was sent to them.

2) You could have gone to Tomorrowland for free at one point

In 2005, Tomorrowland took place for the first time. Like most first-time events, the festival struggled to sell tickets. Consequently, ID&T gave away many free tickets to bring in a bigger audience. Armin van Buuren, Ferry Corsten, and Chuckie all played at the inaugural Tomorrrowland.

3) 2012 ticket sales destroyed a ticketing company's reputation

In 2012, an influx of users were trying to buy tickets right as they went on sale, but they were unable to do so. The ticketing company Timoco that was in charge of the online distribution for the ticketing couldn't handle the pressure. As a result, Tomorrowland switched from Timoco to Paylogic shortly after. 

4) Tomorrowland 2013 sold out in 1 second

General admission tickets reportedly sold out in just one second. This one might be known to fans if they tried to buy tickets, but it's still mind-boggling to think about. 

5) Tomorrowland 2010's anthem hit #5 on the Belgian charts

Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike worked with Dada Life and Tara McDonald to create "Tomorrow/Into The Night," which reached #5 on the Belgian charts. It is the best-selling Tomorrowland anthem of all time.

6) Don't mess with the art; you'll get kicked out

Tomorrowland invests a lot of money into their art installations. Because of this, it's no surprise that if they see you messing with any of the art, you'll get kicked out of the festival. 

7) Tomorrowland 2012 hosted Europe's highest mobile Ferris wheel

The Brussels Airlines Cloud Rider reached as high as 60 meters in the sky, which was perfect for any daredevil attendees. This must have been an awesome place to view the festival from.

8) Paul Oakenfold cancelled his 2006 headlining set

In 2006, Paul Oakenfold was one of the few superstar DJs in the world. Madonna offered to bring him along on her tour, and he was forced to cancel his headlining set at the Tommorowland 2006. These days, we could never imagine a headliner cancelling their Tomorrowland set to open up for a star singer. Oh, how the times have changed,

9) There's a 100-foot-long underground tunnel

It takes a lot of cables to run a festival this big. In an attempt to keep the floor of the main stage cable-free, organizers created a 100-foot-long underground tunnel. All of the cables run from under the main stage to the tech booth. This helps improve the experience for the organizers and attendees. 

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