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'Sexy Deadmau5' Halloween Costume Is Absolutely Terrible

Now that Halloween is around the corner, many of you are looking for creative costumes to stand out. As we all know from our experience of shopping around, there are some amazing costumes, and some not so amazing. This new deadmau5 costume that MTV discovered definitely falls into the not so amazing category. 

This is probably one of the most pathetic costumes I have ever laid eyes on. To throw on a skimpy outfit with headphones and a flaccid, terrible excuse of the deadmau5 head and call it a costume is ridiculous. The description read as this, “Get the party pumping in Yandy’s limited edition, two-piece Sexy DJ costume featuring a white, racer back crop top with a glittery front pocket that holds your cell phone and a metallic silver mini skirt with a record table front. (Light-up hat, cellphone, and headphones not included.)” 

When you take a look at this full costume, it simply doesn't make sense. The two turntables on the skirt look ridiculous, the glittery front pocket on the crop top is strange, and why is there a floppy deadmau5 hat on her head? If you want to be deadmau5 for Halloween, get creative and make your own mau5head.

To make matters even worse, the crop top and mini skirt items cost nearly $80. On top of that, you have to drop another 69 dollars for the “Animal DJ Hood." This is clearly a way for a costume company to make a massive profit off the EDM boom. This costume is absolutely terrible, and for the company to associate deadmau5 with a "Sexy DJ costume" is a travesty. We hope deadmau5 calls out Yandy (the costume company) for creating this abomination. 

If you're legitimately interested in being deadmau5 for Halloween, watch the following tutorial on how to make your own mau5head. The cost of the materials in the video was only $26, which is far less than the $150 you'd have to pay for Yandy's horrible "sexy DJ costume."

Written by Taya Maria El-Asmar

[H/T: MTV]

Image and costume from Yandy.com

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