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Watch Flume Discuss His Career In Nest HQ Video

Last summer, Australian producer/DJ, Flume, released his remix of Disclosure’s “You and Me,” which skyrocketed him to fame stateside. Since then, he has toured all over the world alongside DJs like Skrillex and Flux Pavillion. Flume stopped by Nest HQ in Los Angeles in August to talk about his upcoming album.

Flume explains that he’s all about “doing really weird and different stuff” but adds in that he loves “bangers; things that make people move.” His songs and remixes really embrace these qualities that he talks about. and there are no doubts that his next album will bring much of the same and more.

When a Flume remix or song comes out of the speakers, it’s easy to identify. But what makes him so successful even though he has that same identifiable sound in each song? Unlike many producers, Flume tells Nest that he writes original songs and works the vocals of another song into them. This is what separates Flume from the dozens of rising producers these days and puts him on the next level. Even though none of his songs or remixes have breached the Top 50 charts in the US, he’s still able to sell out shows. He attributes this to his ability to promote himself through Soundcloud, Twitter, and Facebook, and he couldn’t be more accurate. He boasts over half a million Facebook likes and is nearing a million followers on Soundcloud. To put that into perspective, The Chainsmokers, of #SELFIE, have under 300k followers on Soundcloud.

The young star claims that he has enough tracks for his next album, but only three or four of them are up to par with the high standards to which he holds himself. “I’m gonna keep doing what I do, always changing,” he assures. So hang tight, Flume fans, his next album will be one to watch out for.

Written by Ascia Johnson

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