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Skrillex & Diplo Did Not Get Booed Off The Stage At Burning Man

The internet is up in arms after claims of Skrillex and Diplo being booed off stage at Burning Man were publicized through a number of music news outlets. Pulse Radio published the initial article, and it's snowballed from there. Let it be known that Skrillex and Diplo did not actually get booed off stage at Burning Man.

Actions that led to the misconstrued incident entailed a moment toward the end of a techno-laden set when Jack U, consisting of Diplo and Skrillex, were replacing Seth Troxler at the Robot Heart camp. Diplo dropped “Turn Down for What,” in a playfully ironic gesture that mostly brought to light the uniqueness of Burning Man. We've heard that there were a small amount of boos, but Diplo did not get booed off the stage.

Furthermore, the song was played as the last song of their set, so Skrillex and Diplo were going to leave the Robot Heart camp after the track regardless.

Diplo responded to the claims on Twitter.

He also sent out a tweet that thanked all of the different Burning Man camps that he played at. 

EDM.com's very own David Lee Crow (Ghastly) was with the Jack U crew at the Robot Heart stage and witnessed firsthand the lack of serious demeanor, as this was certainly something Diplo played for a chuckle and not for shock value. They were traveling from stage to stage playing randomly, and like many professionals have done in the past, Diplo played a small joke on the crowd.

This is definitely not unheard of as Deadmau5 was lauded for playing the Ol' McDonald version of "Animals" at Ultra Music Festival this past March.

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