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5 Dirtiest Dubstep Drops Of The Week: Vol. 23

The one place on Earth where the drops never stop.

Out with the old, in with the new. It's a procedure that we've become quite used to here at your home for the heaviest dubstep drops in the universe. For Volume 23 of our rapidly growing series, we removed the training wheels and decided to let you cruise through these bangers without our supervision. Not to mention that after distributing 22 previous editions, we trust that you're more than capable of navigating your way around a nasty drop or two by now. So without further delay, lets add something dirty to your day.

5. Bommer & Aweminus - Squirm

With four wonderful songs to choose from, picking a favorite from Bommer’s Curses EP proved to be more difficult than pulling teeth. Then again, we are the most highly recommended dubstep dentists in town, so just let us work our magic. Now, with a name like “Squirm,” it should come as no surprise that this Bommer & Aweminus collab gets slightly slimier than our usual suspects. While the drops in this wicked tune might lack the edginess and intensity of our typical submissions, they more than make up for it with some of the grottiest twists and turns that we’ve ever heard. As innovative sound effects crawl in and out of your eardrums like earthworms, heavy bass buzzes around your aural passages like a swarm of flies. Unfortunately, no full version of this track is available for streaming purposes, so you’ll just have to buy this Bommer masterpiece if you intend to enjoy these decaying drops in their entirety.

4. Half Empty - Tingles Magic Words

We’d like to think that each week we bring a new musician into the fold. Getting acclimated to the way we do things around here at the dirtiest drops embassy can take some time, but Half Empty has eagerly pulled himself up a chair and gotten extra comfortable. Hailing from Los Angeles, this 18-year old producer hasn’t just caught our eye, he’s taken our ears and completely immersed them in a world of utter dubstep bliss. “Tingles Magic Words” is very likely your first Half Empty sighting, but it’ll be anything but your last. Does the name Dr. Ozi come to mind when you rinse out these bone-snapping drops? Because it should. You’ll also notice that there’s a moderate amount of variation in both of the drops themselves, only adding to allure of this already extraordinary banger. We’re using every resource at our disposal to ensure you walk away remembering Half Empty.

3. Virtual Riot - We're Not Alone

If this were a competition for the best dubstep tune of the year, then we would have ourselves a very serious candidate in Virtual Riot’s “We’re Not Alone.” However, seeing as how we organize our standings based on the dirty drop measuring stick, this German producer’s greatest work to date has not-so-quietly come to rest in our 3rd spot - still not too shabby if you ask us. You might ask, "what is it about this track’s perilous drops that separates them from the rest of the noise out there?" Well, I’m certain that there’s going to be an angry horde of haters that are absolutely perplexed by this selection, but for starters, the structure of the song itself is second to none. Couple that with some unbelievably brave bass sounds and astonishingly meaningful melodies, it’s no wonder why this is the type of dubstep stunner that you’ll never forget. Virtual Riot is a damn prodigy, end of discussion.

2. Standard Procedure & BloodThinnerz - Bloody Procedure

It doesn’t take a genius to recognize the lethal combination of Standard Procedure & BloodThinnerz. Granted, neither of these duos have found their way to the front page of our dubstep drop tabloid prior to today, yet they both boast an impressive amount of experience in the field of filthy drops. Simply put, “Bloody Procedure” definitely lives up to its title. This tune’s devastating drops are gorier than the most violent horror movies, more dangerous than the FBI’s 10 most wanted fugitives, and spills so much blood that you would swear somebody just sliced open your femoral artery. Can’t shake the feeling that this song was specifically formulated to foreshadow your funeral? Yeah, neither can we. But even in the face of death, you would be foolish not to familiarize yourself with Standard Procedure & BloodThinnerz.

1. Genetix - Squid Attack VIP (Part 2)

Just in case I was having any second thoughts about placing Genetix in our coveted #1 position, those doubts were quickly quelled when I watched Matt (from Genetix) bust out dubstep banger after banger in Chicago last Friday. Lets be honest here people, “Squid Attack” was already viewed as one of the most iconic bass tunes of all time - so when we got word that there was a Pt. 2 in the mix, we didn’t know whether to scream at the top of our lungs or wave all of our limbs excitedly. Just to be safe, we did both. You’ll want to listen very closely for the screeching bird sound effect, because it’s only moments afterwards that everything gets very, very messy. Honestly, calling these drops dirty wouldn’t even be a fair assessment. They’re dubstep grime in its purest form. Volume 23 bragging rights have been unanimously awarded to Genetix; who will be next week’s champion?

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