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Zedd Joins Anti-Smoking Campaign

Electronic dance music is recognized as the genre of our generation due to its powerful impact within the youth community. Due to EDM’s strong ties with young fans across the globe, The Real Cost has joined forces with EDM powerhouse Zedd to further reduce the number of teens who experiment with smoking. Zedd has unquestionably established himself as a prominent voice within the community, which makes him a perfect fit for raising awareness regarding people’s health associated with cigarettes.  

The Real Cost’s YouTube channel has launched a series of videos to educate our generation of tobacco users about its negative influence and discourages the use of tobacco products. Now, with the help of Zedd, The Real Cost has gained an outburst of awareness through their anti-smoking campaign.

The full interview above denotes Zedd’s passion for music and how serious he is when it comes to creating music for the rest of his life. He goes on to explain just how vital it is to preserve a healthy lifestyle, mentally and physically, and how sustaining a healthy life has positively affected his own. Growing up within a family of music producers, Zedd voices his need of being yourself and doing what’s right for you.

Zedd states in the video: “You have to know for yourself what’s right for you and what’s wrong for you. What you would be sacrificing by smoking or what I would be sacrificing is my health and potentially not being able to do what I love, which is making music for as long as possible - and I don’t want anything to take away from that.”

With Zedd as the mouthpiece for an anti-smoking campaign, the message will relay to not only tobacco users, but also aspiring producers and EDM fans worldwide. In the past, Zedd has straightforwardly expressed his viewpoint concerning cigarettes.

The Real Cost has also released an exclusive performance of Zedd’s colossal hit “Stay the Night” via YouTube.

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