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7 Reasons You Should Go The VIP Route At Music Festivals & Clubs

The "velvet-rope" VIP experience is often frowned upon by music fans, as it is commonly described as an admission of superficiality, or a frivolous attempt to keep up appearances. Although, we all feel differently about how we appreciate music, there are some instances when going VIP is really is in your best interest. Sometimes it’s just about forgetting the stigma and seeing the true merits of its exclusivity. The biggest reasons why the VIP route is the "way-to-go" include...

1. You get to cut the line

Nothing sucks more than having to wait outside a club for for more than 30 minutes, especially when you’re stuck wedged between a group of drunk sorority girls and a pack of equally drunken loud guys behind them. If you think I’m exaggerating, give it a year or two - you’ll start to feel the same way.

2. Staff is nicer to you

It’s nice to be escorted around the venue. If you go clubbing in Vegas, bouncers are placed strategically throughout the club to escort you wherever you need to go, even to the bathroom. While not all venues offer the same level of special treatment, the treatment usually is special - assuming your courteous as well. As naive as it may sound, a lot of these clubs actually depend on the return service of their VIPs, so it’s in their best interest to make sure your night goes smoothly.

3. You wait less time for a drink

If you’re a girl, that also means bypassing the risk of getting hit on by "creepers" while you’re waiting for a drink. As a VIP, you usually have your own personal hostess making sure your cup is always full, and that there is an adequate variety of mixers within reach. You can also take comfort in knowing your tips are appreciated and will likely result in a great future club contact - take it from a former VIP hostess.

4. You have room to dance as you please

For the average hardened raver, their idea having a fun time at a show means being front & center for the entire performance. For me, I’ve found that I have the most fun in small, intimate venues and lounges. At a big nightclub, the “dance floor” can turn into the stampede grounds, a dangerous and uncomfortable place for many while at a show. Having your own section means having the freedom to go as HAM as you like without worrying about invading other patrons' personal space and vice versa.

5. You get a better view of the stage

In many clubs, general admission can sometimes feel like a claustrophobic’s worst nightmare. Other times, it can seem like the only place with a good view is already halfway to your car. VIP sections are strategically placed so that they can provide a clear and uninterupted view of the performers throughout the night. In the wise words of every real estate agent on TV, "Location, Location, Location!" 

6. The only drinks spilling on you are the drinks you spill yourself

When you have a whole bottle to finish between four people, though (the standard 1 bottle maximum) who really cares about one spilled drink? True story: a guy spilled his drink on me one night at LIV in Miami because he was drunk and the floor was so crowded. He lost $20 and I got to walk around for the rest of the night with somebody’s Cosmo on my feet.

7. You meet a lot of cool people

Despite the common belief that going VIP is an isolating experience, the reality is quite different. Tables are often clustered together, and I’ve found that the people you meet in VIP are usually either douchey spoiled rich kids, or up and coming industry game-changers. In the past, I’ve met app developers, athletes, artists and a plethora of young urban professionals. In fact, some of the most interesting and inspirational contacts I’ve acquired have been at clubs - that’s right - in the VIP section. There’s truth to the saying that exclusivity attracts success.

Written by Amanda Mesa

Cover photo credit: LIV Miami

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