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EDM.com Spotlight

Watch Inspiring Pascal Kleiman DJ With No Arms

Pascal Kleiman is one of the most inspiring people in the dance music community. The French DJ was born without arms or hands, which forced him to learn how to DJ with his feet. Despite having no arms, Kleiman has carved out an impressive 25+ year career as a DJ. He spins a variety of dance music, including acid house, psy trance, and progressive. 

Many of today's DJs could learn a lot from "The Amazing Pascal." Kleiman did not let his circumstances hold him back. He was able to find creative ways to overcome obstacles, and he's able to DJ better than many DJs who have four limbs. Kleiman's story is something the whole dance music community should know. Watch some videos of him in action below.

[H/T: Dancing Astronaut]

Cover photo credit: Kyle Lyons

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