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EDM.com Spotlight

Dillon Francis Remixes 'Morning Sun' By Strange Talk [EDM.com Premiere]

"Morning Sun" by Strange Talk was featured in the film That Awkward Moment as well as the wildly popular television show Glee. Now, one of our favorite producers, Dillon Francis, has remixed the upbeat track. EDM.com has been offered the opportunity to premiere the remix, and we're happy to bring Dillon's version of the track to you. Click play on his remix below and continue scrolling down to read our discussion with Strange Talk about the remix.

(EDM.com = Mike Walkusky of EDM.com; ST = Strange Talk)

EDM.com: How did you get Dillon Francis to remix your track?

ST: Dillon actually approached us, which is awesome. He hit us up on Twitter one day saying he loved the song and wanted to remix it, which he we were super excited about.

EDM.com: What are your thoughts on the remix?

ST: Love the remix! He’s put the main room Dillon twist on it, making it more accessible to DJs, but at the same time stayed true to the song.

EDM.com: How did it feel to have the original featured in That Awkward Moment and Glee?

ST: We loved it! Anything that helps get your music out to more people is a good thing, especially through major outlets like TV and film.

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