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The Top 15 Colleges For EDM

Spotify recently took a look at the most musical universities in the United States based on the music that students stream from their platform. Each school in the Top 40 was given a percentage of how much they listen to certain genres, including EDM. After digging through the data, we've ranked the top EDM schools based on the percentage of the time they listen to EDM. For example, our top ranking school, UPenn listened to EDM 34.38% of the time they listen to music. This is far higher than the 25.26% EDM average. We've listed the percentage of the time each school listens to EDM next to their name. Below each school, we've included one of their favorite EDM songs. Some of the songs appear twice, showing that many students across the country have similiar taste. This isn't a scientific study, so please don't take it as such. 

1) U Penn - 34.38%

2) University of California, Berkeley - 33.08%

3) NYU - 33.06%

4) USC - 31.01%

5) University of California, Los Angeles - 30.77%

6) University of Washington - 29.89%

7) University of Arizona - 29.18%

8) University of Michigan, Ann Arbor - 29.02%

9) Purdue University - 28.47%

10) Cornell University - 28.42%

11) University of Illinois - 28.41%

12) Penn State - 28.24%

13) University of Florida - 27.88%

14) California Polytechnic University, San Luis Obispo - 27.28%

15) University of Central Florida - 27.22%

Surprisingly enough, college students who listen to Spotify don’t seem to favor electronic dance music as much as we originally anticipated. Each school listed significantly streams pop music more than any other genre and most schools also streamed hip-hop or country more than EDM as well. As a college student myself, I personally anticipated a much higher streaming rate of EDM as it is our generation who sparked the rebirth of electronic music in the first place. Calvin Harris’ “Summer” was listed for basically every university distinctive or popular track, as well as Disclosure and Lana Del Rey.

After thorough examination of Spotify’s Top 40 list, I have arrived at the conclusion that Spotify is not the best medium when it comes to streaming EDM. With that being said, I also don’t think dance music fans particularly use Spotify either. The platform does not stream live sets, which are admittedly a huge aspect of electronic music. Also, Spotify is similar to iTunes and Beatport in the sense that tracks are only streamed if they are officially released. While there is nothing wrong this, it does make the platform lack in real time as hundreds of electronic tracks are being uploaded onto music platforms such as SoundCloud every day.

Spotify’s Top 40 Musical Universities in America list highlights the tone and interests of each university included. Every distinctive/popular track ranked by each university leans towards iTunes’s overall top 10 list, proving that it truly is the college generation listening to these tracks and we are the ones who dictate what is popular and what is not. Obviously location comes into play as far as which genres are being streamed, however, it is the same artists and songs for the most part that overlap between universities across America.

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