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Here's The Estimated Net Worth Of 15 Top Producers/DJs

The news that teenage producer Martin Garrix has a net worth of $14 million has hit the blogosphere, and it has a lot of music fans talking. His net worth is crazy for someone his age, and it surpasses many of the more seasoned producers in the industry. Many music fans are shocked at the amount of money the polarizing producer has earned, but it shouldn't be much of a surprise. He's had numerous hits, including "Animals," which made it to Top 40 radio and helped him sell out shows around the world.

We've put together a list of the individual net worth of 15 producers/DJs to help show you how much money is circulated throughout the dance music industry. Please note that this is not a list of the top 15 richest producers/DJs in the world. It is simply a list of some of EDM.com's readers' favorite artists. We tried to include producers from a variety of genres. All of these numbers are according to Celebrity Net Worth. If you're wondering what the net worth of stars like Calvin Harris and David Guetta is, you can go to Celebrity Net Worth's website.

To clarify, Celebrity Net Worth didn't reach their numbers by asking each producer what's in their bank account. The website states: "To calculate the net worths, we took into account all music sales, merchandise, touring revenue, licensing, endorsements, real estate, royalties and more. We obtained that information from all publicly available sources, promoters, managers, club owners and, in some cases, the artists themselves. Finally, we took out taxes and various other fees to cover management, agents and legal expenses." As a result, there's a lot of margin for error in these numbers. Please take these numbers with a grain of salt and do not believe they are all 100% true. In fact, deadmau5 disputed Celebrity Net Worth's assertions in 2011. However, these numbers are still very interesting to look at. We hope to hear what some of the following producers have to say about their listed net worth.

1) Tiesto: $90 million

2) Avicii: $60 million

3) Armin van Buuren: $46 million

4) Deadmau5: $45 million

5) Kaskade: $35 million

6) Moby: $30 million

7) Skrillex: $28 million

8) Fatboy Slim: $23 million

9) Hardwell: $17 million

10) Carl Cox: $16 million

11) Zedd: $15 million

12) Diplo: $15 million

13) Martin Garrix: $14 million

14) Richie Hawtin: $8.5 million

15) Eric Prydz: $4.5 million

What do you think about these massive numbers? Let us know in the comments below!

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