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The 9 Biggest DJ Fails of The Summer

Now that summer is over and festival season is coming to a wrap, let's take a minute to reflect on some the top DJ fails of the summer:

Steve Aoki destroys mixing equipment during stage dive

Earlier this summer, Steve Aoki attempted to do one of his signature stage dives, but its safe to say it didn't go exactly as planned. Unfortunately, on his way down, he accidently kicked his entire DJ setup onto the ground, cutting the music off and instantly derailing his show. Now, what makes this even more fail-worthy, is that this isn't the first time that it's happened. A couple of years prior to this incident, Aoki had a definitive DJ fail doing the very same thing. Aoki was attempting to jump from top of the DJ booth, onto a small trampoline, and into the crowd. Needless to say, he failed. He had to cancel the remainder of his show so that he could go to the hospital and get checked out. Fortunately, he had no injuries and recovered just fine, but you'd think he'd have learned his lesson the first time! But, I know better than to think Steve Aoki is going to stop stage diving.

This first video is the stage dive from 2012 in which he ended up in the hospital:

Here is his most recent stage dive fail:

David Guetta becomes hypnotized at Tomorrowland

Although I don’t really consider this to be a failure, I included it because of its bizarre and humorous nature. Nobody is really sure what was going on here with David Guetta, but whatever it was, it’s pretty silly. While performing at Tomorrowland this past summer, Guetta seems begins to zone out in the middle of his live set. The comical value of this video lies in the longevity in which remains stuck there.. Although I’m still a bit unsure of whether Guetta is intoxicated, dazed, or just being weird, this video is definitely worth watching for a giggle.

Crizzly and CAKED UP get into fight on stage

Oscar Wylde of CAKED UP and Crizzly got into quite the altercation on stage during their performance in Austin, Texas at the traveling Foam Wonderland festival. CAKED UP was headlining the event, and Crizzly showed up as a guest because the event was in his hometown. For reasons still unknown, the two of them got into an argument in the middle of the set. At the beginning of the video, you can very briefly see the two of them scuffling a bit, until both parties quickly relocate themselves away from the view of the camera.  The altercation ended with Wylde yelling into the microphone “Crizzly just got punched in the face!” Although both had their own justifications for the quarrel, fighting in the middle of a set is a pretty big no-no.

Tweet 1; Crizzly.pngTweet 2; Caked Up.png

Natalia Paris fakes djing set

Natalia Paris isn't exactly a familiar name in EDM, but for those who are unaware, she is a Colombian "dj" and model. I put "dj" in quotation marks because it's easy to tell that she doesn't technically do any live mixing, as seen in this video. Anyone who understands basic mixing skills can tell you that she is both pretending to use the CDJ's and is also pretending to twist knobs for no intended reason. Even if you even aren't aware of how to dj, you will see that each of the knobs that she is "turning" either isn't even moving in the first place, or isn't effecting the sound coming from the speakers. I  justdon’t understand. Nobody thinks you're actually mixing anyway girl, so why the facade?

MAKJ stands on top of Holocaust memorial

This past summer, MAKJ posted a controversial photo of himself standing on the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe. Many of his fans were disappointed by the lack of respect that he showed by climbing around such a meaningful place. However, in his defense, there are other people in the background standing on the concrete slabs, so it appeared to be an honest mistake. The only reason that this one is on the list is because, by definition, he did fail. However, as you can see, he handled the situation with sincerity and poise, apologizing kindly and taking down the photo. 

Photo 1; MakJ on Statue.jpg

Tweet 1 (second to photo); MakJ response.png

Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike forget to hit play at EZoo

It's natural for humans to forget things, its part of life. I forget things all the time, however the degree in which I forget is generally pretty small - especially when I am in front of a group of people. Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike happened to forget a vital part of their performance while in front of thousands at EZoo this year, when they decided to hop on the decks in preparation for a drop that, well, never happened. Everything seemed on track from the build up, until the sound cuts out just as the drop hits. We're not sure whose fault it truly is, but somebody is to blame for that failed transition.

Mimosa pours vodka on Downlink, then fights security

This past July at the Mystic Music Festival in Houston, Texas, Mimosa behaved like a complete animal. Firstly, when Mimosa’s allotted set time was over, and it was Downlink’s turn to perform, he refused to stop performing. Secondly, once Downlink began approaching the decks for his set, Mimosa proceeded to pour a bottle of Grey Goose vodka over Downlink. Thirdly, he further got into a physical altercation with festival security after they tried to intervene. Although it was only assigned one number, I think it’s fair to say that those are three separate and distinct fails on Mimosa’s part. 

Tweet 1; Mimosa.jpg

Tweet 2; Downlink.png  

Text:Tweet; Long repsonse Downlink.png

Carnage throw tantrum at HARD Summer 2014

This past August while at the HARD Summer music festival, Carnage humiliated himself by insulting Gary Richards (Destructo) on stage in the middle of his set. Although the video below does show his childish outburst towards Richards, what it doesn’t show is the constant sound of his arrogance interrupting his own set, throughout its entirety. Consistently yelling absurdities like, “I’m the King of this sound,” amongst many other things, he ended his set with an abrupt drop of the microphone and then exited the stage. Oh, Carnage, such a class act you are.

Deorro attacks Tomorrowland for not giving him more food tokens

This past summer at Tomorrowland, Deorro threw a temper tantrum via Twitter after be denied free food tokens to his unregistered guest. In his Twitter rant, he attacked Tomorrowland, using derogatory references like “faggot”. When you thought it couldn’t get any worse, he then tried to diffuse the situation by publicly tweeting an apology, followed by a rather off-putting explanation. Deorro stated that the reason he was so upset about this guest being denied the food tokens, was actually because of his unwavering generosity. He rationalized his behavior by explaining that he used to be evicted and starving with his family, so he doesn’t like to sit down and eat when other people can’t. Although this is truly a chivalrous and respectful thing to do in troubling times, he probably could have just ordered his guest some lunch instead, and avoided the entire debacle. I am going to assume that he could probably afford to that.

Tweet 1 comp; Deorro.png

As humorous as these fails are, it is incredibly important that we aim to support a culture that isn't hurtful, damaging, or illusionary. EDM is founded on peace, love, unity, and respect, and it is inredibly important (whether you follow the PLUR montra or not) to aim towards benefiting and improving the scene we are in, not degrading or butchering it.

Written by Madeline Donegan

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