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5 Dirtiest Dubstep Drops Of The Week: Vol. 26

Judge these drops not by their appearance on the surface but by the content of their filthiness.

Guess what? It is that time of the week again when you round up all of your friends and hunker down for some of the heaviest drops known to mankind. Volume 26 of our special series has very little rhyme or reason to it, just a whole lot of dirt-nasty bass music. Who is prepared to go dumpster diving with a dubstep twist? Because it is impossible to discover gems like these in tidy places.

5. Acting Damage - Excessive Force

Holding a conversation about dirty drops and failing to mention Acting Damage should be considered a crime against humanity. Ever since I got a taste of his remixes of JPhelpz’s “Biggup King” and Midnight Tyrannasaurus’ “Basement Bitches,” I have made it a priority to keep extremely close tabs on every move this producer makes. When his Prometheus EP surfaced shortly thereafter, there was no denying the immanent threat that Acting Damage posed to the entire human race. Most recently however, it is his brand new Bathsheba EP (from Prime Audio) that has left dubstep diehards drooling harder than a slobbering junkyard dog. With a title like “Excessive Force,” this track does not even attempt to disguise its aggressive nature. The first drop features synth work that sounds like a nail gun firing off multiple shots in rapid succession, whereas the second remains fixated on bringing the bass harder than you have ever heard it brought before. Do yourself a solid and add Acting Damage to your daily dubstep listening regimen.

4. Calvertron & Downlink - Immortal

I am a sucker for bass music dream collaborations. Which is precisely why I had a ton of trouble holding my breath upon realizing that Calvertron and Downlink had strolled into the studio with one another. I have considered both of these musicians a couple of my personal favorites ever since dubstep took over the United States a few years back. While Calvertron has been noticeably quieter as of late, Downlink made front-page headlines with his little Mimosa (and Grey Goose) incident. Regardless of what they might be occupying their time with lately, there is no denying that “Immortal” is one of their most well crafted contributions to date. While each of the drops are identical to one another, that does not detract from the fact that they both sound like a rogue fax machine on a mission to kill. These are the type of traumatic drops that will definitely give you nightmares for months.

3. Darius Carter - XX

It has begun to feel like our #3 slot is usually reserved for a change-of-pace kind of tune. Whether it is deep, melodic, or riddim dubstep, I love giving these subgenres the attention they so sorely deserve. This week, Darius Carter comes in at a million miles per hour with the incomparably filthy “XX.” For all of the in-your-face bass music we highlight on this segment, it never ceases to amaze me how a song like this one can resonate with our audience tenfold. Pair a low-frequency bass line with some instinctive percussion and you have got yourself a deep dubstep phenomena. The EDM public has a tendency to label drops as the moment when the music crescendos, and to a certain extent, that is entirely true. However, “XX” serves as the ultimate example of a track that utilizes an introduction, bridge, and finale to place an added emphasis on the drops themselves. There may be a lot of moving pieces, but Darius Carter blends them all together flawlessly.

2. Ajapai - Deathblow

Volume 26 is starting to feel like a bit of a throwback. First it was Calvertron & Downlink, and now we feature Ajapai, who could not resist cutting in on the fun and games. Lets just agree that I am not the only person beyond excited to see this producer making noise once again. Now, as for the track itself, the only thing keeping “Deathblow” from a date with our #1 position was its second drop. Following up a first drop that scrambled my circuits and wiped my internal hard drive completely clean, the second doesn’t hit with nearly as much force until reverting back to its original rate. Still though, even with that miniscule drawback, you would be making a huge mistake by overlooking this worthy adversary of a dubstep tune. Sound the sirens and warn the townspeople, because after Ajapai decimates your neighborhood, it will never look the same again.

1. ReKKles - Rudeboy Bizness

For 15-year old ReKKles, holding down our #1 spot should probably surprise everybody but himself. Nonetheless, this producer has proven over and over again that he is clearly here to stay. “Rudeboy Bizness” literally has everything we look for in a quintessential dirty dropper. Unrestricted bass? Check. Dangerous synths? You bet. And absurdly entertaining vocal samples? Duh. C’mon people, this is a grimy drop competition we are running here, not a freaking bake-off. What makes ReKKles victory even more impressing, is that he did it against established names like Ajapai, Calvertron, & Downlink. I have always been hesitant to rank fledgling producers as our top dog, but this was one song that I never thought twice about praising. Thanks to ReKKles for making my job easier than ever this week, I really do appreciate it.

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