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Calvin Harris Reveals His Upcoming Album's Release Date & Title

On Tuesday night, Calvin Harris revealed that he is working on a new album. We didn't know anything about the album except that it would be released this year. Luckily, Harris unveiled the release date and the name of the album earlier today.

Two of 2014's biggest dance songs, "Summer" and "Blame," will be featured on Motion. This ensures that the album will already have two #1 singles in the UK when it's released on November 4th. With the release date right around the corner, Harris has undoubtedly been working on the album for a long time. With how much information is quickly relayed on social media in today's society, it's impressive that Harris and his management were able to keep Motion under wraps for so long. 

If you're a huge fan of Forbes' richest DJ/producer and can't wait for the album, click play on the "Blame" video below and start counting down the days until November 4th. 


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