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Yolanda Be Cool's Favorite Australian Party Phrases

Last week, Yolanda Be Cool put together their "Guide To Being Cool In Ibiza" for us. Now, they've created a list of Australian party phrases for you to learn. Aussies speak a bit different than Americans, so these are worth learning if you ever plan on heading to Australia for vacation. Click play on the video below to hear their new track "MAMA YO!" and scroll down to find out how to speak like an Australian.

Written by Yolanda Be Cool

Terms For Getting Drunk

  • Cactus - e.g. “Johnny was cactus last night”
  • Trolly’d
  • Buckled
  • Munted
  • Loose as
  • Faaaaarrrrrrked up
  • Sideways
  • Frothing

Party Phrases 

  • “Johnny was writing off so hard." When your mate is the life of the party
  • “Owning it” or “In good form.” When your mate is the life of the party
  • "Getting on it tonight?” Pretty self-explanatory!
  • “He’s an absolute weapon.” When your mate goes out for days and handles it with ease.
  • “Should we grab a packet?” Usually asked after you finish your first ‘schooey’ (glass of beer)
  • “Keen for a cupola scoops after work?”  Translates to a couple of beers with mates downy the pub.
  • “Tearing it up!” Partying in general.
  • “Keen for a can.” Drinking a can of beer.
  • “He’s a lightweight." Somebody who gets drunk on very little alcohol.
  • “Sink some piss." Drink booze.
  • “It’s gonna be a big night.” Heavy partying will ensue.
  • “Hit the turps.” Go on a drinking binge. 

General Club Lingo

  • “Hit your kick." Open your wallet.
  • “She’s swamp donkey.” That’s pretty damn ugly!
  • “My shout!” I’ve got this round.
  • Piker: Smeone who leaves the party early.
  • "Mate’s rates." Getting something at a discount

Terms For Good Tracks/Sets 

  • Bomb
  • Weapon
  • Rip snorter
  • Ripper
  • Such a tasty little joint
  • Classy number 
  • Grouse: Rhymes with "house," meaning outstanding. Can be applied to all social aspects (e.g.: “grouse DJ,” “grouse birds (women)," etc.)

Terms For Bad Tracks/Bad Sets

  • “His set was rubbish.” If it’s a shit DJ.
  • “He’s having a shocker.” When the DJ plays a bad set.
  • “He had a Barry.”  He did shockingly bad.

(Note: Barry is short for Barry Crocker, which rhymes with shocker. He sang the theme tune for the Australian soap Neighbours.)

The Hangover

  • Chunder, Liquid Laugh, Technicolor Yawn: All terms for throwing up.
  • “I’m as rough as guts.”  Super sick and hungover.
  • “As crook as Rookwood.” Seriously ill. "Crook" being really sick and Rookwood being the biggest cemetery in Australia.

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