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Watch 2 World-Class DJs Recreate Davvincii's 'When Will The Bass Drop' SNL Parody

E.A.S.Y. consists of Enferno and Shiftee, two DMC champions. For those who don't know, the DMC World DJ Championships is the biggest annual DJ competition in the world. This means Enferno and Shiftee are two of the most skilled DJs in the world. With E.A.S.Y., they've come together in an effort to change the way people think about DJs and live performances. In their live remix of "When Will The Bass Drop," the SNL parody that pokes fun at "press play" DJs, Enferno and Shiftee show off their impressive skills on the decks. They even added some humor into it by wearing wigs similar to Davvincii and taking selfies. Check it out below.

If you forgot what the original SNL skit was like, we've included it for you as well. 

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