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5 Can’t Miss EDM Acts of Austin City Limits Music Festival

Austin City Limits is almost upon us. Taking place over the course of two weekends, this music festival will once again spring to life in Austin, TX from October 3rd-5th and 10th-12th. Over 130 artists from all over the world will descend upon 46 acres of Zilker Park to entertain thousands with a lineup spanning a whole spectrum of genres – including some top-notch EDM acts. If you’re heading into one of the music capitals of the world for a healthy dose of dance music, be sure not to miss any of these performances.

5) Chromeo

The electro-funk duo never fails to deliver groovy, lighthearted beats.

4) Zedd

American Top 40's favorite German EDM producer will undoubtedly present the crowd with a steady stream of chart-topping anthems from his ever-growing list of successful singles.

3) Major Lazer

The Mad Decent boss, Diplo, is also the brain behind this unique act. Major Lazer’s reggae and dancehall-infused productions add a unique element to the lineup as a whole.

2) Skrillex

Well, you can’t really go wrong with Skrillex as a must-see act. Whether it’s for the spectacle of his performance or to have your soul completely rattled by all sorts of bass-laden tracks, there’s no missing this show.

1) Calvin Harris

It’s been a monumental year for Calvin Harris. With his new album, Motion, set to be released in early November, there is bound to be at least a sneak peek or two of unreleased tunes.

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