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Ultra Music Festival Releases Mind-Blowing Aftermovie

Ultra Music Festival released their 2014 aftermovie today, and it might set a new standard for festival aftermovies. "United We Dance (Relive Ultra Miami 2014)" was directed by Final Kid. It features stunning shots of Ultra Music Festival, interspersed with thought-provoking input from some of the biggest DJs/producers in the world. 

Carl Cox says, "You're making people happy. You're changing people's lives in some ways. You are pushing the buttons of emotions on individuals based on what you create. For me, that's what I have to give to the world. That's my purpose in life. I think I've tried everything else, but the only thing I know how to do very, very well is to DJ."

Kaskade describes Ultra in the following way: "It's something that's truly special. You look at the faces of all the people that are attending this and it's something incredible."

Armin van Buuren asserts, "It sounds maybe a bit cheesy, but the whole Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect thing really binds people together. It's hard to describe or say anything about. You just have to feel it."

Watch the aftermovie below!

"In the end of day, it's kind of like the power of music. It's what makes you think about where are you right now, how you're feeling, and what the DJ is creating. That's awesome that you're able to completely control the moment where everyone comes together as one," articulates Carl Cox.

Tickets for Ultra Music Festival 2015 go on sale tomorrow. 

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