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The Therapeutic Power of DJing Will Be On Display In 'Before We Were Kings'

Behind the spotlight, the authentic nature and phenomena of DJing may actually be considered a form of therapy. A blissful experience for those on stage, spinning music is also neurologically and socially beneficial. With hints of escapism, the masterminds and creators of electronic music explain the euphoric psyche of their careers in a new documentary titled Before We Were Kings.

Before We Were Kings (BWWK) explores the act behind superstar DJs and examines the therapeutic power of DJing. The documentary, produced by filmmaker Brandon Ross, describes the power of performing behind the turntables as a restorative remedy for those with social anxieties, speech impediments, autism and more. BWWK features a peek into the lives and backstories of stars, including MobyWolfgang GartnerSander KleinenbergMix Master MikeRichie HawtinMAKJ, and Sandra Collins.

The film suggests that these DJs are not really superhuman but are in many ways just like you and me except that they have real ability and real talent. According to an interview with Insomniac, Ross discusses his firsthand observation of an incident that inspired the film: “I started managing a couple of my friends who were DJs. One of them was very shy, very nerdy… While I was managing him, I started to notice his coming out of his shell when he picked up the turntables…slowly and surely, as he became the center of attention, something about him being able to manipulate the music and the crowd helped him to come out.” 

BWWK is currently in post-production. Producers may submit their music for a chance to be featured in the movie’s soundtrack. Be sure to check out the film’s trailer below.

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