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2 Women Charged In Tomorrowland Ticket Fraud Case

Every year, there are people who attempt to trick unsuspecting dance music fans into buying fake tickets to Tomorrowland. The festival is one of the most in-demand events in the world, which leads to many fraudsters taking advantage of the situation. Luckily, two of these criminals have been caught. Charmaine Bowers, 23, and Tina Bowers, 52, of Tavistock, England have been charged with fraud by false representation in connection with the sale of fraudulent tickets for Tomorrowland 2013.

Glenn Harrop is the officer who has been leading the investigation. He said, “We believe there are potentially hundreds of victims from across the country. I would like to ask those people to please be patient with us while we carry out some very lengthy enquiries. Any notable updates to this investigation will be posted via the Devon and Cornwall Police Twitter account and Facebook page.”

Although these two have been taken off the street, there are still many other fraudsters ready to prey on dance music fans. Whenever you purchase tickets to an event, please make sure to buy them from a trustworthy outlet and/or person. You don't want to be stuck outside a festival fence while everyone else is having the time of their life inside. 

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