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Deadmau5 Serves Disney With Cease & Desist Due To 'Ghosts N Stuff' Usage

Deadmau5 has turned the tables on Disney in a scenario that's almost too good to be true. Disney has been served with a cease & desist order due to their usage of "Ghosts N Stuff" in a "Disney Re-Micks" video. The video coincidentally features Mickey Mouse as the star. 

Before sending out the link to the video, deadmau5 wrote the following tweet. 

He also tweeted out both pages of the cease & desist order, which was drafted by his attorney, Dina LaPolt.

This power move by deadmau5 and LaPolt has the producer feeling pretty confident about his chances of obtaining the trademark on his mouse head logo.

If you're unfamiliar with the current legal drama going on between deadmau5 and Disney, click here for a full explanation. In short, Disney believes deadmau5's mouse head is too similar to Mickey Mouse, and they're trying to block the producer's attempt to trademark his logo.

Deadmau5 has just thrown a massive wrench into Disney's plans. Does Disney have a secret weapon in this legal battle? We'll certainly find out soon enough. What we do know for certain is that Disney is a highly litigious corporation, and they'll try to drag this process out as long as they can. 

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