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EDM.com Spotlight

Deadmau5 Offered Nyan Cat GT-R By Nissan Following Purrari Debacle

In a stroke of marketing genius, Nissan has photoshopped a GT-R with the famous Nyan Cat design and offered the car to deadmau5. Last week, we reported that Ferrari served deadmau5 with a cease and desist order in regards to his wildly popular Purrari. Deadmau5 heeded the cease and desist and unwrapped his Nyan Cat-covered Ferrari 458 Spider. 

Whoever came up with the idea to try and replicate the Purrari on a GT-R deserves a raise. Following Ferrari's decision, the situation was ripe for any car company to swoop in and generate some buzz. This is a creative way to insert Nissan into a conversation with one of dance music's biggest stars. As of this writing, the tweet has 2,200 retweets, and deadmau5 has positively responded to their tweet. Take a look at their Twitter exchange below. 

We're interested to see if this move by Nissan results in any type of lasting relationship between the company and deadmau5. Hopefully, it leads to the production of an actual Nyan Cat GT-R. We'll be keeping an eye on the situation moving forward.

If you still miss the Purrari, check it out in action below.

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