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EDM.com Spotlight

Zeds Dead Discusses Musical Diversity & Their Recent EP [Interview]

Canadian duo Zeds Dead is known for their diverse music catalogue. Prominently known for producing hard-hitting dubstep and deep bass music, the duo has released several mixes and EPs, including their latest EP Somewhere Else. Zeds Dead is always on the road, and they have performed all over the globe at masssive events like Electric Daisy Carnival and Holy Ship!!!. DC and Hooks of Zeds Dead recently sat down with EDM.com over the past weekend at New York’s Electric Zoo to talk about how they continually strive to express themselves through producing alternative genres.

EDM.com: Starting off with your latest EP, Somewhere Else, how does it feel to receive all the positive uproar from fans at festivals and shows this summer?

Hooks: That’s all we could ever ask for is to put stuff out and have our fans like it and for other people hear it. 

EDM.com: I saw your performances at Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas and Electric Forest; how was it performing at two major festivals such as these?

Hooks: EDC Las Vegas was a lot of fun. Electric Forest is awesome, I think that’s been our favorite show of the year so far.

DC: At EDC, we were playing during the fireworks. It was funny seeing people’s reactions to the fireworks during our set.

EDM.com: What inspired you two to create Somewhere Else

Hooks: Well, it’s really just a lot of different songs. Each song is kind of a different place, and that was the concept of it, somewhere else. We made it on the road also, that was kind of how the theme came together. We wrote some stuff during flights and we got a place in LA for a bit and we finished out most of it there. 

DC: Everything on the EP is a result of what we always do which is making whatever we feel at one time. A lot of people know we don’t try to stick to one genre for the most part. It was a collection, not a collection of what we were making last year because we made a lot of other stuff, but it’s what we felt fit together.

Hooks: With “Collapse” we were really into that one, and it took a long time to figure out how to go about it. We had the basis for the song and we tried it in a few different styles actually before we settled on the way it came out.

DC: There’s like three different genres in it. It was cool because it was collaboration with three or four people on that. We had Memorecks help on production and the singer Jenna.

EDM.com: And on that note, how do you feel about your fans reactions when you produce different genres?

DC: Sometimes you get flags and sometimes they like it. Like I was saying before, I think we’ve always made a point about doing different stuff and creating a platform where we can have our fans expect that we’re going to do lots of different stuff. I think by this point a lot of people get that. You always catch that some people don’t like certain things and this last EP was actually probably one of our most well received.

Hooks: I understand where they’re coming from. I get excited when I see an artist put out something new and maybe I’m expecting it to be a lot like their last one. With Justice, for example, they put out that Cross album and then their follow up album wasn’t really anything like that. It was in its own way. I could see how people, when we do something outside of what they’re used, respond the way they do. Its all just part of the fact that we’re just artists trying to express what we’re feeling.

EDM.com: Omar LinX was obviously a must on the new EP, but what brought on the collaboration with instrumental artists such as Big G?

DC: They’re just the homies really. We’ve talked about doing stuff for a while now. We had that song already made and there was even a sample bit that we were trying to…

Hooks: There was a place in it that we thought we could put some horns.

DC: Omar was the one who really facilitated that collab. They recorded that stuff when they were down in Denver and we all kind of put it together from there. That beat had been around for a really long time and passed through a lot of people.

EDM.com: The two of you have been non-stop this year. From new EPs to new remixes and never missing an opportunity to tour, what keeps you two motivated?

Hooks: Just how I was saying before, we just have to make music. When were not doing stuff we don’t feel good about ourselves. We can chill for a while but it gets to a point where we have to do something and express ourselves in some way. 

DC: I think we would both be making music whether we were successful or not. It just needs to be done.

EDM.com: With the Snowstorm and latest Diplo & Friends mix being our ultimate favorites by you two, when will the next mix tape come out?

Hooks: We’ve got an upcoming mix. We are hoping to release it sometime soon, it just depends who puts it out really. I think we’ll always keep doing mixes. This one we did for a radio station and since only people in that city heard it, we’re sure other people would like it as well. With mixes we really go in depth and try to never use the same songs; unless its one of ours, but we usually don’t even put the same songs of ours into mixes.

EDM.com: Which of your original tracks is a must when performing at any festival?

Hooks: These days we have been ending with "Collapse." It’s been pretty cool because it’s kind of an emotional song and the build up is really cool and to see people’s reactions to it. We like ending our sets with stuff like that.

EDM.com: I know a lot of people look forward to “Eyes On Fire."

DC: Yeah, that’s always a staple in our set. We try to work it out in different ways and try to add slightly different versions to play during our sets. We like to do a set that’s longer and really take people for a ride. With our hour set today it’s a little different; we’re basically just punching them in the face for an hour.

EDM.com: Finally, what about the first Mad Decent Boat Party? What are you most excited for with that lineup? Holy Ship! was obviously amazing for you both.

Hooks: We’re looking forward to that boat party. It’s got an insane line up and we had a great time on Holy Ship! We expect it to be a lot of fun as well.

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