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Skrillex Makes A Playlist With His 5 Favorite Songs

Skrillex is always keeping his ear to the ground when it comes to the latest music and hottest up-and-coming producers. His OWSLA label has been the incubator for plenty of stars, including Dillon Francis, Zedd and Porter Robinson. Skrillex has also created projects like Nest HQ and OWSLA IV in an effort to promote new talent. 

It's clear that Skrillex is on top of the latest sounds in electronic music and always want to share the music with his fans. Now you can get a taste of his favorite tracks via his Skrillex Selects playlist on his official Soundcloud page. Listen to the playlist below.

The first track is from fellow Mothership Tour mate, Dillon Francis. “I Can’t Take It” is the newest single off Dillon's upcoming album, Money Sucks, Friends Rule.

The second track featured in the playlist is a remix of ALEXA & Unkle Ricky's "Luv Sick" from 15-year-old producer $aturn, who's a member of Hegemon, an AIA Collective supported by The EDM Network. $aturn's been on fire, and it's amazing to see that Skrillex has taken notice. 

Next on the playlist is “Goddess” by BANKS. The Los Angeles-based singer lays her beautiful vocals over a very slow and chill indie electronic instrumental.

The fourth track Skrillex selected was the Henry Krinkle remix of "Stay" by Justin Martin. This easy listening track is an awesome effort by Krinkle.

The final track on the Skrillex playlist is off the upcoming MUST DIE! Death & Magic EP, which will be released collaboratively on Never Say Die Records and OWSLA later this month. The song is a new direction for MUST DIE!. Skrillex is clearly feeling the festival banger, as it was a common ID track he played in his sets during the Mothership 2014 tour. 

We hope to hear more playlists from Skrillex, whether he adds on to this one or has more “Skrillex Selects” in the future.

Written by Harvit Gill

Cover photo credit: Rukes

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