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5 Things You Need To Bring To TomorrowWorld

Right around this time last September, I began to make a list of items that I believed were TomorrowWorld camping-essentials. I had never in my life been camping before, so I was envisioning the worst possible scenarios. I compiled a pretty hefty list of things that I believed covered everything that someone could want or need. First, I just included obvious stuff like camping gear, clothes, food, and toiletries, but then I also included a bunch of stuff I probably shouldn’t have even purchased, like an electric cooler, and was missing a few other crucial items.

I’m glad that I had incredible camping neighbors to show me the ropes and lend out a helping hand, but I definitely lucked out. I learned it’s important to go prepared and only bring what you'll truly need. Being a TomorrowWorld veteran has given me a lot of insight, so I created a list of 5 vital items that one should bring to TomorrowWorld:

1. Wagon or Dolley

Unlike other camping festivals such as Coachella and Bonnaroo, at TomorrowWorld you don't get to camp next to your car. It can be quite the trek from the parking lot to the spot you get in DreamVille, so you’ll need something that will assist you in hauling all of the stuff you’ve brought along. A wagon will allow you to compactly place a lot of your belongings, easily transport anything heavy, and will shorten the amount of trips you make in and out of DreamVille.

2. Solar/Battery Powered Phone Charger

As I stated before, you will not be camping next to your car. You don’t get to use the power of your vehicle to charge your phone throughout the day and it’s not like there are a plethora of plugs around in the middle of Chattahoochee Hills. A solar panel or battery powered phone charger is one of the most useful items you can bring. If you bring a battery powered phone charger, do remember to bring enough batteries to last you through the weekend.    

3. Canopy Tent

The fluctuating weather in Georgia was not something I planned for last year. It was extremely hot during the day and would become freezing at night. Although I had blankets and some warm clothing for the nighttime, I would melt inside of my tent anytime the sun was out due to the heat. Luckily my neighbors had one of these canopy tents set up right next door and let us hangout there. Having a canopy tent allows you and your friends to have a shaded area where you’re not suffocating and can get some breeze in during the day. The canopy can become a really fun spot that you can decorate and make your own, put some lawn chairs under to chill, play good music, and pregame before you walk into the festival.

4. Cash

TomorrowWorld is very experience-oriented. They make a huge effort to really make attendees immerse themselves into the perfect world that they've created. One of the things festivalgoers consequently have to do is convert their money into TomorrowWorld currency. Although there are plenty of ATM’s throughout the campsite and festival itself, bringing cash will save you a bunch of money on ATM fees and will come in handy if you’re making a quick trade with a neighbor.

5. Water

Although this is a huge obvious, it’s incredibly important to remember to bring water and keep hydrated throughout the weekend. It was really surprising how many times people would come up to my tent and ask if I could spare them a water bottle or two. Definitely bring the appropriate amount of water and energy drinks that you and your friends will need, I would even say to bring extra amounts just incase anyone around you needs it. Better to be safe than sorry. If you have a camelbak, definitely bring that too. 

6. Bonus: Miscellaneous Tips

Make sure you have your wristbands on and registered when you get there! Identification is imperative since it’s a 21+ festival. If you’re picking up anything up at will call, be sure to have the appropriate paperwork. Have good directions to the venue – its extremely confusing to find, especially at night time. If you have an iPhone, make sure that your Find My iPhone app is set up just incase it gets lost. If you forget anything, don’t freak out because they have a marketplace where you can find just about anything you need! They have a post office, beauty salon, food vendors, festival gear, and so much more. Most importantly, bring a smile; you’re going to one of the coolest festivals you’ll ever experience!

If you need any additional information about TomorrowWorld, check out their FAQ page.  Tickets are still on sale at www.tomorrowworld.com.

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