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Arty Talks About His Transition From The Trance Genre [Interview]

Former trance sensation Arty is mid-transformation as he's been releasing new material that deviates from his earlier work. The producer has contributed to major trance events such as Armin Van Buuren’s A State of Trance and has released the majority of his work via Above & Beyond’s label Anjunabeats. The star has recently been putting out music of a different style. Specifically, his newest progressive house track “Up All Night,” the first track released through newly founded record label Insomniac Records. We spoke with the transfigured artist to get a deeper understanding of the artist he seeks to become.

EDM.com: Congratulations on being the first artist to release a track via Insomniac Records. How did your new original “Up All Night” come together?

Arty: I’ve been working on my upcoming album a lot recently; it just seemed like the right time with the label and the track I had been currently making. Angel Taylor and I were in the studio together and we wrote the song together. I think that’s the best process is sitting down and working with the songwriters. This song was really not only by just us but a lot of others contributed to the track itself.

EDM.com: Your style has changed over the past couple of years, especially with your new track “Up All Night.” How do you feel about your fans reactions towards your shift in genres?

Arty: Well, I’m not really from the trance genre anymore. I was in the genre around 2010 I would say and I did a really big tweak of my music that I like and music that I’m doing so it’s really not trance anymore. The first thing that I want to think about is me because music is important to me and I want to be honest with myself. If you feel honest about the music that you do it becomes more comfortable because they will feel some fake underline and that doesn’t really work well.

EDM.com: And when did that transition come to you?

Arty: It was really slightly changing from one point to another and was just a step-by-step process. By the end of the day I came to the point to doing the actual album with the right proper songs.

EDM.com: You’ve done a lot of collaborative work in the past. With your new style which artists would you like to collaborate with now?

Arty: I’ve been doing a lot of things with Mat Zo and Porter Robinson together, and I would definitely say we have plans to do something together with Audien. I really like these guys and their music really sits with me, I like their sound a lot.

EDM.com: As a formal trance artist, do you prefer the more intimate feel with your audience or has the ability to showcase your music to a larger audience been something you’ve enjoyed?

Arty: Well that’s an extremely hard question. I enjoy both. The best place to play is where you have the crowd that expects your music and likes your music. The most important thing is definitely the fans.

EDM.com: Any other plans you have set for the future?

Arty: As of now I don’t have any future plans with Insomniac Records, but I do need to release my first album. It should be released around end of 2014/early 2015. I’m still involved with Anjunabeats in some ways. I have really good relations with Above & Beyond and their A&R team and we chat almost everyday so it’s going well together.

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