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Skrillex Discusses Andre 3000 As A Dream Collaborator & Ellie Goulding Breakup In 30+ Minute Interview

Skrillex discussed his upbringing, career, separation from singer Ellie Goulding, and more in his interview on Sway In the Morning. We've summed up the interview for you below. The full interview is hard to find online, but a redditor uploaded it..

Skrillex on his youth

The dubstep icon started off speaking about living in the Bay Area in San Francisco for ten years as a youngster, going to Westport Elementary School. His parents were always supportive of his musical pursuits, encouraging him to refine his talents. Skrillex played piano and guitar from age 9, taking the stage at age 16 over at bohemian punk staple St. Marks Place.

Skrillex on his teenage years

Skrillex brings up a time when St. Marks place was ‘super punk’ rock, particularly referencing favorite store Trash and Vaudeville. At his first show, he asked for water at the bar and received weird looks from the bartender. His first album release came in 2004, when he was still just 16 years old.

Skrillex on his producing origins

At 15-years-old, Skrillex downloaded a free demo version of Fruity Loops. Skrillex notes "if you started a song you couldn’t save the track, you had to finish it and export it." This led him to keep his computer on for two days at a time. As Skrillex progressed he moved on to Reason, Protools, and finally Ableton Live which he’s used since 2007.

Skrillex on classical music

Skrillex was asked for this thoughts on classical music, and he cited a love for the genre. He remarks he would have "loved to collaborate with Mozart."

Skrillex on Ellie Goulding breakup

Skrillex dated Ellie Goulding when she was ‘off cycles’. He explains that when she went on tour, 5-month gaps occurred when they weren’t seeing each other. Skrillex emphatically states Goulding is one of the most talented people in the studio and live he’s ever seen. He "doesn’t have time" to reflect about the breakup because he has "50 deadlines a day," and he has too much work to dwell on it. The show’s host mentions he’s just won over more than a few female fans with that response.

Skrillex on Burning Man booing rumors

As we reported, the rumors regarding Diplo gettin booed for "Turn Down for What" are false. Skrillex states people were having too great of a time, almost hippie like. He heard nothing about booing till he read about it online days later. He debuted most of his new rap collaborations at Burning Man this year.

Skrillex on why he left his band and went solo

Skrillex felt it was the right time to go solo, citing a passion for ‘making beats on his computer since 14 years old’. He sensed From First To Last was going in limbo when after two releases with Epitaph Records, the band signed with major label Capitol Records, who merged with EMI.

Skrillex on OWSLA

Skrillex named his current label OWSLA after a favorite book about rabbits named Watership Down. Sway calls Skrillex label an "army of rabbits." Skrillex is asked what’s the craziest thing he’s ever done by the co-host, and he mentions it not really being a crazy thing, but that he bought a building in Chinatown in Los Angeles. He expands "Here he is coming from the East Side of Los Angeles investing Downtown in a studio, it’s just cool." Skrillex does not believe computer productions are taking traditional musician jobs away.

Skrillex on his early career

Skrillex recalls the days of giving away his music for free and performing at sketchy places. The old days in New York remain an everlasting memory, as Scary Monsters began charting on Beatport around that time. Skrillex elaborates it was "a surreal moment to have a record out."

Skrillex on his favorite rappers

He's a fan of Jedi Mind Tricks, Immortal Technique and loved N.W.A growing up. He's also a fan of A Tribe Called Quest. He toured with Atmosphere and became a fan. Skrillex looks forward to different artists joining him for this fall's tour. He met Andre 3000 at Coachella, and said he was a laid back dude. Skrillex would relish the opportunity to collaborate in the studio with Andre 3000.

Skrillex on the state of EDM

Skrillex thinks EDM is constantly evolving. It's slowing down and going faster at the same time. Personally listens to all music, and there's never a phase where he focuses on one genre at a time. Skrillex believes Diplo is the most innovative producer in the electronic scene today.

Written by Nir Regev

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