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5 Dirtiest Dubstep Drops Of The Week: Vol. 24

Our dubstep war zone unloads some heavy firepower this week.

We traveled far and wide in an effort to scrounge up the grimiest drops we could find for Volume 24. It might've taken us a little bit more time than usual, but this list of fashionably late composers can certainly compete with the best of them. Don't doubt the dirtiness of this new batch of dubstep drops, because they'll surely make you pay for your outrageous oversight. Class is back in session, who's ready to take notes?

5. Wobad - For Real

For the second consecutive week, we have a clip holding down our #5 spot. I’d like to not make a habit of this practice - but for anybody that has already heard the full version of Wobad’s “For Real,” then you should fully understand why this selection was an absolute necessity. When Octane Audio dished out this producer’s Game Of Wonks EP a couple weeks back, it single-handedly restored my faith in where the dubstep genre is headed. Let me just say, if it wasn’t this song, both “Game Of Wonks” & “Fucking Rage” could’ve also made a great pairing for our 5th position. These sticky drops are sure to leave your residence looking filthier than a frat house after a toga party. You’ll have pledges scrubbing excess bass out of your speakers for at least the next few weeks. This new one from Wobad is what we call a dubstep nostril-flarer, so lets see your best gangster grin.

4. Xilent - Falling Apart II (Ft. Grimm)

When a musician of Xilent’s notoriety comes across my radar, I’m immediately forced to consider him as a legitimate entrant to our friendly little drop competition. Melodic dubstep doesn’t always pop up on this segment, but when it does, it’s that beyond mind-blowing type of bass music. Honestly, the first time I threw on a pair of headphones and let “Falling Apart II” take control, I felt like my head was going to explode from the immense amount of miscellaneous noises flooding my eardrums. Attempting to absorb all of these colorful sounds at once cannot be healthy for the human body. But what do I know? I’m not a doctor, just an ordinary dubstep specialist. As for the song itself, a minute and a half introduction beautifully transitions into a completely flawless first drop, followed shortly thereafter by a second drop that does much of the same. Keep your head on a swivel, because Xilent’s back on the prowl.

3. Noise Lab - Superstar (Ft. Snoopa) (Genetix Remix)

It was just last week that Genetix stopped by with their mammoth VIP of “Squid Attack.” This week, the UK duo comes roaring through our neck of the woods with their tree-toppling remix of Noise Lab’s “Superstar.” With sub-bass that consistently tears up your inner ears worse than a spilled beaker of sulfuric acid, it doesn’t take a dummy to realize why these two gentlemen are deserving of dirty drop accolades. In the world of hard dubstep, many of the big name producers have generated styles that definitely resemble one another. Genetix, on the other hand, has never once strayed from their trademark qualities. Basically, when you hear a new Genetix track, you should know almost instantly who you’re listening to. The two titanic drops in this latest tune will send shivers down your spine and shockwaves through your legs. For those of you not completely incapacitated by the influx of grime, you’re in for a hell of a ride.  

2. Protohype - Fight To Hold (Ft. Jeff Sontag)

There were two songs from Protohype’s recently released Encore EP that battled it out for our runner-up position this week, but only one could handle all the pressure that comes along with living up to our incredibly high expectations. Now, it’s still my duty to give “Zero” some props for holding its own, but nothing quite compares to the grease-laden, dirt-covered, foul-smelling vibes of “Fight To Hold.” These drops make a typical trailer park’s living conditions look like that of an affluent neighborhood. Heck, they make a sewer system appear cleaner than the inside of a decontamination tent. Wait, I can do one better. Each drop is so insanely dirty that they make an uncontrollable insect infestation seem like nothing more than a tiny ant problem. We’re all ears for anything and everything that comes from Protohype, and you should be too.

1. xKore - End Of The Line (Ft. Messinian)

Where have you been all my life xKore? No, seriously, this dude was one of my favorite dubstep producers back in 2011-2012, but it felt as if he had fallen off the map during the past year or two. In retrospect, he was clearly just keeping things under wraps and waiting for the proper time to strike harder than ever. His End Of The Line EP provided him with precisely that opportunity, and to say that xKore capitalized on it would be the understatement of the millennium. Everybody knows that the surefire way to make a dubstep tune 100x more menacing is by adding Messinian’s intimidating vocals to the build-ups. Watch out for these hostile drops, because they won’t just injure you, they’ll put your entire body out of commission… permanently. Capisce? xKore means to cause you no harm, but his music is another story.

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