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The Best Hair In EDM

EDM is recognized for its creativity and individuality in sound and image. People have the ability to express themselves in their productions, live performances, and the way they look, as all of these forms of expression can speak for them on a grand scale. Some artists are naturally more "unique" than others, and this can fully be expressed by their approach to their hairstyle. From Bassnectar to Tigerlily to Josie from Candyland, we've collected an assortment of artists who have pushed the boundaries of not only their music, but their hair as well.



Anyone who has attended a Bassnectar show can attest to the fact that Lorin does not stand idle for a single moment of his set, and neither does his hair. The bass-dealer’s Rapunzel-esque locks repeatedly defies gravity throughout his entire performance, and seemingly reaches for the stars in attempts to draw upon the forces of the music gods themselves.


Sonny’s hair is undoubtedly one of his most recognizable traits outside of his music, as his half-shaven head has pioneered a league of new hairdos for both punk and EDM fans alike. Although many could obtain a similar look by falling asleep on the couch of a frat party, Skrillex has taken this semi-awry look to the front page of Rolling Stone, Billboard, and many more magazines.


The producer/dj Chiefs is as untamed as they get, and his crowning glory is certainly no exception. From hip-hop to chill-trap to everything in between, Chief’s style proves that he’s both bold and mesmerizing, and his thatch of black hair showcases an animalistic ability to make incredibly catchy music.

Tommie Sunshine

Tommie Sunshine has some of the longest hair in EDM, if not THE longest hair, and it has served as his trademark look for decades. The producer, dj, and label owner is one of the most outspoken members of the EDM scene, and his hair and career gives him the necessary authority to say what our community needs to hear.

Photo By Rukes


Henry Fong

There are only a handful of artists today rocking full dreadlocks, and Henry Fong is irrefutably the poster boy for this culturally-driven look in EDM. His uber-natural hairstyle perfectly matches his personality and sound, and his long dreads provide a necessary “get up, stand up” direction for each of his performances.


Another dread-locked persona in the EDM scene is ill.gates, who has also thrown a fauxhawk into the mix, making his hair truly one of a kind. Whether it’s tied back like a war chieftain or standing high and mighty like a pompadour, ill.gates hair just might be as creatively profound as his music.


Dillon Francis

Remember when Dillon Francis died his hair blonde with Flux Pavillion so that they could promote their collaboration “I’m The One” together? These two took their release to a whole new level with that hair, and the blonde duo quickly became the most talked about collaboration on the internet.

Emoh Instead

What So Not member Emoh has continuously done his own thing with his hair, dying the quiff an assortment of unique and neon colors throughout his career thus far. It’s impossible to ignore the dj’s presence on stage with his party-driving hairdo, and he doesn’t seem to be stopping this trend anytime soon.


The mermaid-turned-dj Tigerlily has become a walking party thanks to her neon hair color, and it truly sets the tone for any one of her rage-fueled performances. Based out of Sydney, the bombshell dj and producer has showcased a plethora of hair colors to date, and like her fellow Aussie Emoh, there seems to be a rainbow of colors still waiting to be worn by this talented EDM act.


Miriam Nervo (of Nervo)

Aussie sisters Miriam and Olivia Nervo have become one of the biggest acts in progressive and electro house, and their hair very well might have played a part in their success. Just look at Miriam’s “Super Saiyan” hairstyle - she clearly taps into the power of her hair during their raging performances, and Olivia’s natural tumble provides the balance needed to keep their sets catchy but smooth.

Keith Flint (of Prodigy)

Prodigy fans can all agree that Keith Flint probably donned the wildest hair style of all time. I mean just look at him - his multi-strip hair defines all that Prodigy is about, and the group's no-holds-barred sound is only projected further with his menacing, punk look.

Josie (of Candyland)

Josie’s afro is unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. Her planet-like hair has the chops to make Afroman look like he’s balding, and could probably serve as a home to a small family. Her big hair is perfectly matched with Candyland’s equally-as-big sound, and we just couldn’t imagine her hair any other way.

Who else do you think has iconic hair in EDM? Let us know in the comments below!

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