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Deadmau5 Featured During Apple's iPhone 6 & Apple Watch Event

Apple's special event was the talk of the internet today, as Apple CEO Tim Cook announced the iPhone 6Apple Watch, and Apple Pay. Towards the end of the event, Cook brought up the subject of how much Apple loves music. He said, "There's one more thing I'd like to talk about, and that is our love of music." He then brought up the iTunes Music Festival, which deadmau5 kicked off on September 1st

After bringing up the festival, a photo of some of the artists taking part in the event appeared on the screen behind Cook. Deadmau5 and David Guetta were both featured in the photo. 

Photo credit: The Verge 

Coincidentally, Apple showed off their Apple Watch earlier in the event with a Mickey Mouse background. Deadmau5 and Disney have been in a back-and-forth legal battle over deadmau5's attempt to trademark his mouse head logo. 

Photo credit: The Verge 

Following deadmau5's appearance on the screen, Cook brought out the iconic U2 to wrap up the event. 

Deadmau5 didn't have a huge presence during the event, and we have no idea if the iTunes Music Festival will be the extent of his involvement with Apple. However, for a photo of deadmau5 to appear on the screen during one of the biggest technology events of the year is a huge deal. It will help increase his popularity, and it is more evidence that dance music has successfully creeped into the mainstream. 

In addition to deadmau5's set at the iTunes Music Festival this year, the star producer played at the festival in 2012. You can watch the full set below.

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Cover photo credit: This Song Slaps

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