EDM.com Spotlight

EDM.com Spotlight

The Most Known Unknown EDM Photographers Vol. 6

This installation of EDM.com's Most Known Unknown Photographers lands us in the Big Apple, where Constantin and Michael Poselski of the Poselski Brothers are wheelin’ and dealin’ some insanely quality images for the bustling dance scene of New York City and the regional blog, EDMNYC.

When you focus only on the 2.2k likes on their Facebook page and a combined following of 2k on Instagram, the Poselski Brothers are deceivingly talented; the latter is impossible to overlook. This duo’s family has been “involved in film since its invention,” says Michael. However, a passion for music led him to watching tutorials on shutter speed and testing his skills with his brothers at the club. Since then, Michael and Constantin have been on the rise as talented lensmen within the dance music scene. Making a name for themselves since 2011, they are currently managing a group of photographers in addition to their personal endeavors as a pair.

From Ferry Corsten to Markus Schulz to Matthew Koma and Blasterjaxx, the Poselski Brothers actively cater to some top-notch clientele – likely because of their ability to so accurately capture the essence of a particular show. From the artist in the heat of their passion to fans relishing in the power of bass, these brothers have a keen eye for visually appealing interactions unique to this culture.

Although there is an undeniable sense of comradery between EDM photographers evident via social media connections, a photography duo like this is fairly uncommon. Photography collectives seem to be a great way to foster friendly competition within peers and establish a unique agency, but the Poselski Brothers operation is pretty unique, mainly because of the benefits reaped from going back-to-back at events. Michael notes that he and Constantin “bring various strengths to the table and connect with different people in the scene,” which rings true through the diversity in tone conveyed through the photos they produce. Strength in numbers also means double the rate of networking within these spaces, allowing for an unstoppable pair.

In the course of their careers, they’ve gone to intimidating lengths for a badass image. One of the crazier instances was on the ledge of a high-rise where the duo had a shoot. Having the concrete jungle as their playground, the tall structures certainly make for an intense backdrop.

As business owners in a niche market where competition is stiff and the cost of living is obscene, the Poselski Brothers know what it means to hustle. Their list of clients is only getting longer as their work becomes more and more recognized within New York and far beyond. As Michael so eloquently put it, “as long as there is passion, adventure will follow.”

Cover image via The Poselski Brothers

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