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EDM.com Spotlight

7 Of The Best Dance Music Street Performers [VIDEO]

Thanks to platforms such as Youtube and SoundCloud, talent can be displayed and discovered from anywhere on this planet. But street performers prefer to showcase their skills right outside where people can watch and experience the music and energy in person. These unconventional performers are continuously developing and honing their skills, taking influences from genres all over, including EDM.

We've collected a selection of the best videos of street performers utilizing influences from genres in EDM such as breakbeat, dubstep, trance, techno, drum & bass, and more. Check out seven of these talented musicians in action below:

1. Pipe Guy

Who needs a laptop when you've got pipes, sandals, a kick pedal, and a box? "Pipe Guy" has made a name for himself around the world thanks to his incredible routines that include a mix of original songs and covers.

2. Dubstep Beatbox

Dave Crowe is an unknown name to many, but for those that follow the beatboxing community, he is an absolute legend. His skills as a dubstep beatboxer rival the talents of many producers today, and his wisdom (heard towards the end of the clip) proves that he isn't just a beatboxer, but a true artist.

3. Techno Street Drummer

What happens when you give a drummer two drumsticks and an array of plastic and metal objects? They'll do whatever they can to make a beat worth dancing to, and that's exactly what this drummer does.

4. Street Drummer & Beatboxer

Music is limitless in its power to bring people together, and here we see two talented instrumentalists uniting their skills in an array of forms, whether it be hip-hop, jungle, breakbeat, or something entirely new.

5. Didgeri-techno

The tribal sounds of the didgeridoo have become ingrained in techno and trance cultures, and this street performer truly harnesses the full potential of the ancient instrument on the streets of Germany. Adding cymbals, shakers and kick drums, it's safe to say that this guy could be one hell of a performer at the next psytrance festival.

6. Multi-instrumentalist

Ok, so you learned how to use the didgeridoo to make some wicked sounds. What's next? Maybe you learn to play the didgeridoo while keeping time with a kick pedal and shaker. After that? Why not add a xylophone in there for some melody. That's how this one composer became a multi-piece band - talk about talent!

7. Reeps One

If anyone were to rival Dave Crowe's talents as a beatboxer, it would be Reeps One. Although today he can be seen performing at festivals throughout the UK, this dubstep, drum & bass, breaks and hip-hop beatboxer developed his talents as a street beat-boxer, and it's easy to witness his incredible talents in any number of his videos.

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