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EDM.com Spotlight

Monstercat Artist Karma Fields Unites Crazy 3D-Mapping Visualizer With New Single

Hot off the trails of their debut release "Build The Cities", Monstercat's own Karma Fields recently released a creative multi-sensory experience that challenges the norm of music distribution today. Their newest single, "Skyline," is a mesmerizing song that blends EDM, pop, and an "out of the box" visualizer into an unforgettable multimedia experience.

Premiered via WeTransfer, the accompanying visuals and content are as noteworthy as the music itself. The download site features a hypnotizing visualizer depicting "algorithmic creatures" via 3D-mapping by Raven Kwok, and a free download of the new single. The immersive combination of Karma Fields' new sounds and the kaleidoscopic visuals to add makes for an evolved musical experience like no other.

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