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26 DJ Snapchats You Should Follow

Thanks to social media, interacting with your favorite DJs has become easier than ever. One of the latest social networks that has drawn the relationship between fan and artist closer than ever is Snapchat.  The mobile applicaiton allows users to send pictures, videos, messages, and drawings to a list of friends. These messages, also known as “snaps,” are viewable for up to 10 seconds before they are automatically deleted forever.

Each week, more and more DJs have been joining the application. They are using one of its main features called Snapchat Story. This feature allows them to share snaps together creating a narrative. Their story is then viewable for up to 24 hours to anyone who follows them. We have put together a list of digitally entertaining DJs that you should be following to cure the boredom blues. From studio sessions to live shows, these DJs are giving you a behind-the-scenes look at what they are up to. Check out the list below.

A-Trak - username: atrak

Fool’s Gold Record’s label head A-Trak is always finding fun ways to Snapchat. Follow him and you’ll catch snapchats of his travels, live shows, and his delicious meals. He'll also get down on some pretty funny drawings.

Afrojack - username: realafrojack

Afrojack is a fairly active user on Snapchat. He usually shares snaps of his travels. In the past he has used the app to preview unreleased tracks from his debut album, Forget The World.

Alesso - username: alesso

Swedish producer Alesso is a very active user on Snapchat. He is constantly sharing behind-the-scenes footage of his live shows. He is also one of the only artists to premiere full music videos such as “Heroes (We Could Be)” straight through the app.

Alvin Risk - username: alvinrisk

Alvin Risk just recently joined Snapchat. His first batch of snaps were of his trip to Art Basel in Miami Beach. He shared a number of photos and videos of the beautiful art displayed around the event.

BARE - username: barestep

Los Angeles producer BARE is a very active artist on Snapchat. He uses the app to provide his fans with previews and teasers of his upcoming tracks. He’s always asking for feedback, so follow him and you just might be able to chat

3LAU - username: dj3lau

3LAU primarily shares snapchats of his studio sessions and videos with his friends. He just recently broke his pinky, but that didn’t stop him from performing, which you can see below.

BRAZZABELLE - username: brazzabelle

Brazzabelle uses Snapchat almost every day. She shares first person videos of her workstation and gives previews of her unreleased tracks. If you follow her, you'll be the first one to hear her upcoming bangers before they are released.

Calvin Harris - username: calvinharris

Calvin Harris is one of the newest artists to join Snapchat. According to his Twitter, he'll be updating his story with selfies like the ones you see below.

Carnage - username: djcarnage

Carnage's Snapchat will give you a look into his party lifestyle. A few of his most recent snaps have been him partying with Tiesto and Dzeko & Torres at Hakkasan Las Vegas and DVBBS at Sutra OC.

Chuckie - username: clydenarain 

Producing, live shows, and selfies make up the majority of Chuckie’s story. You'll see what it's like when Chuckie has to produce while traveling on the road. 

Destructo - username: destructohard

HARD Events founder, Gary Richards otherwise known as Destructo uses Snapchat to share videos of him slaying different venues around the globe. 

Dillon Francis - username: dillonfrancis

Dillon Francis is one of the funniest artists on Snapchat. He has used the application to share snippets of his debut album, Money Sucks, Friends Rule before it was officially released. You can also catch him sharing videos as any of his infamous characters.

Diplo - username: diplo

From making music videos with Major Lazer in Mumbai to jam sessions in Tokyo, Diplo's Snapchat Story will take you around the world. Don't be surprised if you catch him sharing some unreleased music as well.

Dirtyphonics – username: itsdirtyphonics 

The guys of Dirtyphonics aren’t heavy users on Snapchat, but they’ll share random, funny things they encounter. They are also huge fans of skateboarding, so you might catch them coasting down the boardwalk.

Funtcase – username: funtcaseuk

Funtcase is always snapping away from his house in London. His story usually consists of previews to his unreleased dubstep and drum 'n bass beats.

Milo & Otis - username: snapmiloandotis

 Milo & Otis will give you a tour of the different cities they visit while on tour. Below is an example of them traveling to Tokyo. 

NYMZ – username: djnymz

NYMZ, otherwise known as half of Milo & Otis, likes to share funny things he finds in public. He’ll also share snaps of his travels, most recently Australia and New Zealand

Oliver Heldens – username: oliverheldens

As Oliver Heldens tours around the world, he shares photos of the many places he visits. Some of these locations include Germany, London, and Belgium just to name a few.

Ookay – username: ookayx

Ookay’s Snapchat story usually consists of him working on new music or hanging out with friends. He loves to troll, so don't take all his unreleased music teasers too seriously.

Skrillex – username: skrilloo

When he's not serenading the camera, Skrillex spends a lot of time with Diplo and shares videos of them in the studio. Several of his latest snaps were teasers of two unreleased tracks

Slander - username: slanderofficial

Los Angeles duo Slander use Snapchat to share footage of their live shows. They have someone handeling the phone so followers can get view of their shows from all different angles of the venue.

Steve Aoki - username: aokisteve

Steve Aoki is still getting to know Snapchat. He just signed up for the app with the creator himself, Evan Spiegel. You can bet on catching footage from his upcoming Neon Future Experience Tour.

The EDM Network - username: theedmnetwork

 Follow our official Snapchat for giveaways, games, and behind-the-scenes footage of events. We may also have DJs hijacking our account in the near future. 

Tiesto - username: tiesto

Tiesto uses Snapchat so much that he has hired a certified Snapchatter to share videos of all his lives shows. You'll feel like you're in the crowd watching him at one of his many festival appearances. 

Valentino Khan - username: valentinokhan

From 5am studio sessions to footage of live shows, Valentino Khan is always adding to his Snapchat Story. He also uses the app to announce dates on his upcoming tours.

Victor Niglio - usernamen: victorniglio

Follow Victor Niglio and you'll be the first to hear previews of his unreleased remixes and brand new tracks on his own Soda Pop Records. 

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