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Ansel Elgort Defines His Place In The EDM Scene

Although somewhat unconventional, Ansel Elgort initially received his dance music fame through starring in immense box office films such as The Fault In Our Stars and Divergent. However, the 20-year-old New York native has also made a name for himself in the music industry in 2014. You may recognize him as Ansolo. Billboard Magazine took a moment with Elgort to talk about his validating himself within the electronic dance music community

Having performed at New York’s Electric Zoo in 2014 and releasing several tracks through Steve Angello’s Size Records, Elgort is far more than just a celebrity trying to “get in” on the EDM trend. In addition to his original music “Unite” with Special Features and “Totem” with Tom Staar, Ansolo has also remixed the likes of Arno Cost and Pierce Fulton. The multi talented star also brings his own dance floor friendly groovy house style to the turntables: “Some of the harder music doesn't make any sense to dance to. What's not being made enough is this groovier house mix."

Despite a performance at New York’s premiere electronic music festival, fans are apparently having issues with accepting Elgort as a dance music artist. Videos have surfaced of Elgort “making an appearance” at the festival, although fans had no idea he was actually an artist at the event. Elgort told Billboard he recognizes that his identity will always be a constant battle in DJ acceptance. Elgort stated, "I'm going to battle with credibility my whole career as Ansolo, because people will just say I'm an actor trying to get into this. But I have no need to get into this. My acting is going great. I don't want to make more money. If I did, I wouldn't be making groovy house music." 

Elgort noted that his style is lacking in the conemporary EDM movement He also stated that he won’t ever be subjected to selling out because the drive behind his DJ and producer lifestyle is strictly passion-related: "I'm making music because I love to, not because it needs to do well, and that's a great advantage. I will never sign with a label that tells me what music to make." Maybe it’s time for other DJ/producers to feel the same way.

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